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Post : Arab Sea Information System Co. announces to Invites its Shareholders to Attend the ( First Meeting ) Ordinary General Assembly Meeting
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Posted : May 4, 2021 at 11:11 pm
Author : Times of News
Tags : Business
Categories : Business & Economy

1-To vote on the Board Report for the fiscal year ending 31st December 2020.

2-To vote on the Auditors Report for the fiscal year ending 31st December 2020.

3-To vote on the Financial Statements for the fiscal year ending 31st December 2020.

4-To vote on release Board of Directors members from liability for the fiscal year ending 31st December 2020.

5- To vote on the appointment of the External Auditor of the Company based on the recommendation of the Audit Committee to audit the Financial Statements of the quarter 2 quarter 3 and quarter 4 and the annual of the fiscal year 2021and quarter 1 of 2022 and to determine their fees.

6- To vote on to amend charter of Audit Committee. (attached)

7- To vote on the remuneration policy of the Board of Directors, the committees emanating from the Board and the Executive Management (attached).

8- Voting on payment of total SAR (700,000) as remuneration to the members of the Board of Directors for the fiscal year ended on 31 December 2020.


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