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At the start of every academic year we welcome new families to our shores. Or see some of our families move out of Singapore. We see this transition every year, but this time it’s different, we’re living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, what can you do to adapt to your new home and make the most out of a situation which presents challenges for connecting socially?

Our latest blog post (https://boutiqueeducation.asia/uncategorised/moving-countries-during-a-global-pandemic/) discusses what the stages of cultural adaptation are and gives practical advice on how to create a sense of community in this highly unusual time.
As always, we are only happy to help in making your transition as smooth as possible so feel free to contact (https://boutiqueeducation.asia/contact/) us (https://boutiqueeducation.asia/contact/) anytime!

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Visit Blog (https://boutiqueeducation.asia/uncategorised/moving-countries-during-a-global-pandemic/)

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