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SERPs Increase is Todays Fun Topic.


Ste-B2B is having this message published as a post, along with being sent as an email. Either way that you come to read this message, the content is exclusive to our members. Our policy is to place client promotions before our gain. This we can manage because we resource from our own team &/or apps/tools.

Website popularity is a major ranking factor for Offsite SEO. Many web vendors are aware of this, so they order large packages of CPC/PPC traffic, social media traffic, and backlinks.

Then we must question the reasons why we need to increase website popularity..?

... The results of website popularity can be viewed in keyword ranking authoritative metrics as MOZ SEO Domain Authority DA + PA Results are also visible in Ahrefs Domain and URL Ratings with DR + UR - Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow with CF + TF.. These metrics also reflect website popularity.

All of the above metrics can never be cheated and only possible through a website being more popular than keywords competitors. The same cheat-proof values also apply to the Alexa Global Position.

You, as our valued, valid + active member, could secure the directly below website popularity metrics for just £125, Instead of wasting many £1000's on increasing website popularity by multiple individual packages.

Ste-B2B Can Increase Even New Projects to Reach the Following Metrics

DA 50+ | PA 40+ = 95 value
DR 50+ | UR 40+ = £85 value
TF 20+ | CF 20+ = £75 value
Alexa Global Position below 220,000 = £55 value
USA Position below 45k = £35 value
FREE 10,000 Royalty Free Premium Stock + Vintage Images = £47 value
FREE Keyword Research Ninja = £27 value
FREE Easy SEO Ninja Tools (Google Approved) = £49 value
FREE Attracta SEO Prepared Onsite Analysis Report = £15 value

This is only available exclusively to members and unavailable on our agency website. Your purchase would have 45 days payment dispute buyer protection when £125 following sent directly to the PayPal account of Ste-B/Himself at the following email address: stebs69@outlook.com

SERPs Increase Packages
1x URL = £125
3x URLs = £250
5x URLs = $397

Typically, only the homepage or a landing page, etc. are required. For example, the inner pages of any URL within the same domain would have metrics as for PA | UR | Alexa.

For extensive eCommerce, SEO + Digital Marketing Consultations visit the 3x URLs below.




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Hello Dear Member,

Here we have our [Ste-B2B]<https://ste-b2b.net/> Member Exclusive Offsite SEO Plans. We provide a choice between 6x Budget - Offsite SEO Plans, suitable for any SEO budget including website startups. We can target 200-5,000+ keywords, with 200 keywords targeted for a very sensible &pound;20/month.

Kindly view our Top 10 Features directly below. A little further down this page, you would notice Easter Eggs Extra Bonus Features* for orders made before End Easter Monday 2020. Finally, you would find our 6x Budget - Offsite SEO Plans + Pricings.


100% Google AdSense Safe
100% Google AdWords Safe
100% Google Algorithm Safe
100% Google Updates Safe
Free Onsite Report = &pound;15 value
Free Keywords Research = &pound;65 value
Free Regular SMM Networks/Bookmarks Indexing = &pound;15/wk value
Free Regular Directories Listings = &pound;15/wk value
Free Regular Articles Created/Published = &pound;15 value


Up to 5million SEO Backlinks = &pound;120 value
URL Promoted to 10million Social Sites Users = &pound;10 value
5,000 Search Engines/Directories Submissions = &pound;15 value
10,000 HQ Wiki Type Link Juice = &pound;20 value
40,000 HQ Forum Profiles Backlinks = &pound;25 value

We can manage to provide so many bonus features as we resource from our own 50+ Team and/or Tools. We are also a Lead Generation B2B, eCommerce + Digital Marketing White Label Reseller Agency.

* Easter Eggs Extra Bonus Features are for orders made before End Easter Monday 2020. Easter Eggs Extra Bonus Features also WILL NOT begin Setup until the 2nd monthly payment is made.


200 Targeted Keywords = &pound;20/month
500 Targeted Keywords = &pound;30/mo
1000 Targeted Keywords = &pound;50/mo
2000 Targeted Keywords = &pound;90/mo
3000 Targeted Keywords = &pound;120/mo
5000 Targeted Keywords = &pound;165/mo

Many thanks for opening and reading this promotional message through. For further readings to your interest - simply click [Ste-B2B]<https://ste-b2b.net> or search for our domain in your web browser.


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