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SJSM Monthly Newsletter | June 2020
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** Remote Instruction for 2020 - Fall Semester
With the safety and well being of our students and faculty being of the utmost importance, the Administration and our Accrediting bodies (ACCM/CAAM-HP) have approved the continuation of remote classes for the 2020 Fall semester. Anguilla has been declared free of COVID-19 and St.Vincent is not experiencing community spread of the virus. Subsequently, both islands are preparing to open to US and Canadian visitors. We will release more information regarding travel as it becomes available.
* We will continue to conduct remote classes via the internet for the benefit of students who may not be able to travel to the islands;
* For those who wish and are able to travel to the campuses, our classes will be conducted in person and the campuses will remain fully open, staffed, and functional.

If you are interested in joining, please call our admissions department and our adviors will be more than happy to help.
Apply Now (https://webapps.pcrsoft.com/clue/Apply-Online-Login/50342?_ga=2.92973789.1701445215.1591029036-825350562.1590515086)

Meet Jennaire Lewars, an SJSM student on the front line of the pandemic

This month, we had a special two-part Student Spotlight highlighting Jennaire Lewars. Currently finishing his clinical rotations, when Jennaire’s clerkship was put on hold due to COVID-19, he stepped up and began volunteering at Roseland Community Hospital on the south side of Chicago. Read about his important work below.

Jennaire Lewars Blog - Part 1 (https://www.sjsm.org/2020/06/student-spotlight-jennaire-lewars-part-1/)
Jennaire Lewars Blog - Part 2 (https://www.sjsm.org/2020/06/student-spotlight-jennaire-lewars-part-2/)
Student Spotlight
SJSM is proud to have hundreds of licensed physicians practicing across US and Canada who have established themselves in rewarding careers and have impacted the health and wellness of our community.


It’s never too late to pursue your dreams. Meet our alumni Susan J, MD. As a non-traditional student starting the program later in life, she fit right in and was able to earn her MD and achieve her lifelong goals. Watch Susan discuss her experiences at SJSM here.

** SJSM Students Doing Their Part

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SJSM Summer semester is being conducted in-person, as well as being delivered interactively online. This has given our students the opportunity to work and volunteer in their communities and hospitals after classes and on weekends, and the student body certainly stepped up to the challenge. SJSM students come from diverse backgrounds and often are experienced nurses, EMTs, and healthcare professionals. We are proud of the live-saving work our students are doing.

Make a difference, save lives, start at SJSM this Fall.

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