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Hello Jeanett Hartigan,
Dear Subscribers,

We are adding Chatplus ( more functions than Whatsapp ) in mediasmag.com (
Online Marketplace / Social Media )   Download the APP from Playstore. 


Voice Call:  Make a quick call with your fellow community member or do a
group call to discuss a topic with maximum users of 50.

Video Call:   We have also included video conferencing for up to 50

Group Chat: Create private or public groups and enjoy sharing your
favorite topics. Discuss and engage with your communities in real-time.
Broadcast an announcement or an essential message to your fellow community
members. Create a read-only broadcast to make your decision less stressful
for you.

All-New Messaging :  Support for text, emoji, GIF, emoticon, mentions and
attach files like audio, video, image, link or documents. Our new messaging
also comes with on message reactions, quote, reply, edit, copy or delete

Hope you will enjoy as our Social Media mediasmag.com  Community will help
you to boost your Sales internationally.  SELL / BUY anything online

Promote your Company, Product, Services, Blogs,  share with the world. 
There are lot more for you in this Community. 

Hope to see you on board very soon.

Dear Friend,

www.mediasmag.com ( Media's Magazine ) is an Online Marketplace
with lot of options in one. Promote your Company, Product,
Services, Blogs, Events, Videos, Music, Photos Internationally.

SELL / BUY ( Property, Automobile, Laptop, Mobile Phones,
Machinery & Plants, Pets or anything you are dealing online.

Create your own Selling / Buying STORE online.
It is FREE Service for everyone Internationally.

It is also interested for the Advertisers / Publishers to work
online and make money.

Download the APP Mediasmag from Playstore

If u need any guidance please contact Whatsapp No. +923097740235 .

Warning: the message above can be a phishing scam. See: legal notes