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Dear purchasing manager
How are you? We have made a lot of plastic moulds and die casting mold & parts , so we have rich experiences with plastic moulds and die casting mold . we export to Germany ,USA, France a lot.
1. Any orders regarding mold making, plastic products,Die-casting products and metal parts.
2.Your seek for mold orders based on your full brand superiority and geographic advantage.

3. Response promptly.

4. The complete quality control system for ever stage of mould-building or mouldings;

5. Rich experiences in the standard for Europe , America and Oceania.

6. We provide molds and finish your order in China where you can find cheap materials and cheap staff costs.So we can save your cost by 20% to 30%!!!

If you have any inquiry for plastic mold or die casting mold, Please feel free to contact us, we will quote best price to you sooner.
Yours Sincerely

Bill Yan

GoodBo Mould Limited

GoodBo Industrial Park,

SongGang, Bao'An, Shenzhen

CN 518105



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