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Lose up to 30 pounds in just 3 seconds a day

WOW, you won't believe THIS.

If you do THIS every morning before you drink your coffee...

You can lose 30 pounds of PURE FAT.

(HINT: it's not hard and only takes 3 seconds).

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This fat SLASHES your risk of heart disease

The narrative around fats has nearly always been wrong.

The name is partly to blame...

With "FAT-FREE" stamped on every single food product box it can be attached
to, of course you start to see it as something to be avoided (never mind
mainstream medicine's crusade against it).

Well, it's time to REWRITE the narrative...

Because the latest research is PROVING what many integrative doctors have
known for years:

Fat has an integral place in a healthy diet... as long as you're eating this
type and getting exactly this much...

The truth about fat and your heart

If you've been diagnosed with diabetes-- or are at risk for it like most
American adults--you know your heart health is of utmost importance.

And a new study published in Circulation Research has found an almost
unbelievable difference in two groups of people with diabetes.

Those who ate more than five servings of tree nuts a week had a:

17 percent reduction of any cardiovascular disease incident.

20 percent less risk of coronary heart disease.

34 percent less chance of cardiovascular-related death.

... and a 31 percent decreased chance of premature death from ANY cause.

For the first time ever, the study revealed these benefits increased based on
how many nuts were eaten – up to seven servings a week!

These are the nuts you need to eat

The researchers discovered tree nuts were the best at reducing your risk of
heart disease.

It makes sense; tree nuts are loaded with beneficial nutrients, but the
PRIMARY benefit is derived from their natural fat content.

It's exactly why nuts are a major part of the Paleo Diet – the diet I believe
is the most beneficial to your overall health.

That said, nuts are calorically dense. You can't just sit and mindlessly munch
them. As mentioned in the study, the sweet spot is between five and seven
servings a week.

Your goal should be to get one serving a day. One serving is about one cup (or
an ounce) of nuts. For almonds, that's around 23 of them.

Don't just buy any nuts though...

Almonds, walnuts, cashews, and Brazil nuts are high on the list of healthy

So are pistachios, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts.

Note that peanuts are legumes are NOT nuts.

Just be mindful that nuts absorb pesticides extremely well...

Try to buy organic or shelled nuts to avoid them!

To Your Health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D.


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