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Our delicious limited edition teas are now available to try in all sizes, including 10g sachets!  Have you tried them yet? Tropical Tease...


** Our Limited Edition Teas are now available in all sizes!

** You asked, and we listened!
Our Limited Edition Teas are now available in 10g Sachets, 50/100g Refills, Tea Tubes & 250g Big Bags!

Have you tried them yet? We can't get enough of them!

Keep The Heid (https://www.eteaket.co.uk/shop/keep-the-heid-limited-edition/)
Keep the Heid is an exceptional blend of Assam & Darjeeling, sprinkled with heather & delicate meadowsweet.

Tropical Tease (https://www.eteaket.co.uk/shop/tropical-tease-limited-edition/)
Tropical Tease is a refreshing, tropical blend with apple, pineapple, mango, papaya, green mate & lemon grass.

Positivitea (https://www.eteaket.co.uk/shop/positivitea/)
The unique taste qualities of green, oolong and white tea are combined with energising Dragonfruit pieces, pink pepper, tangy raspberry, blackberry and relaxing chamomile flowers.

Orange Pekoe (https://www.eteaket.co.uk/shop/orange-pekoe-limited-edition/)
Contrary to the name of this tea, this Ceylon Orange Pekoe is not related to the citrus fruit in any way. Orange Pekoe refers to the grade of the tea. Long, unbroken and wiry leaves are distinctive features of an exquisite Ceylon Orange Pekoe, just like this one.

Oriental Beauty (https://www.eteaket.co.uk/shop/oriental-beauty-limited-edition/)
Oriental Beauty is an Oolong tea, with layers of depth and flavour. It is incredibly smooth and well-balanced.

Milky Oolong (https://www.eteaket.co.uk/shop/milky-oolong/)
We are delighted to bring this delicious, Milky Oolong to you. With a creamy taste profile, the liquor of this tea is undoubtedly smooth with slightly sweet notes.
Shop Limited Edition Teas (https://www.eteaket.co.uk/product-category/all-teas/limited-edition/)

** Discover 7 Habits to Live More Now!
Wow, it has been a super busy week! We have been so happy to welcome you all back to our Tearoom in Edinburgh for a calming cup of tea & excited to see some safe shoppers in our store. It's a challenge to keep all of the balls in the air for our different goals in life. The pause for a cup of tea each day allows me to implement our 'Tea in Mind' tea routines & build habits which create lasting positive change.

With that said, I am REALLY excited to announce that I will be sharing these 7 habits during the launch of our live webinar this Wednesday 5th August at 12pm BST.
I look forward to seeing you there!
Claim your FREE spot NOW (https://www.eteaket.co.uk/shop/)


** Entries close at midnight (BST) 31st July!

** This delicious 'KEEP THE HEID' tea bundle is worth over £80.


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'Keep The Heid’ is a Scottish phrase meaning ‘stay calm’. Or more accurately, keep your head and don’t lose it!
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See you soon and stay safe, from Erica & the eteaket team x

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We are proud to now be working with the mental health charity 'Health in Mind', who promote positive mental health and wellbeing.
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