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September 16, 2020


TODAY: In 1672, Anne Bradstreet, the first writer in England's North American colonies to be published, dies.

* “So few people have written about Black life with the kind of attention that he did. So few writers could capture the various sides of Blackness as he could.” Omari Weekes and Elias Rodriques on reading Randall Kenan (https://lithub.com/a-close-reading-of-randall-kenan-who-paid-rare-attention-to-black-complexity/) · Alane Mason on the joy of editing Randall Kenan (https://lithub.com/the-joy-of-editing-and-knowing-randall-kenan/) . | Lit Hub
* “The question of the energy commons is fundamental to the fight for a collective future (https://lithub.com/privatizing-the-common-good-the-21st-century-enclosures-are-here/) .” Ashley Dawson on the endless commoditizing of American energy. | Lit Hub Climate Change (https://lithub.com/category/newsandculture/climate-change/)
* “Is the love that leads one to translate the wrong kind of love? (https://lithub.com/how-the-art-and-love-of-translation-relies-on-intuition/) ” Anne Posten on what it's like to fall hard for a text. | Lit Hub Translation (https://lithub.com/category/craftandcriticism/on-translation/)
* “Television, like film, in the 1990s and 2000s became a critical site where the meaning of Blackness and its relationship to history was debated. (https://lithub.com/the-wire-and-other-baltimore-shows-are-great-tv-but-there-are-reasons-to-be-wary/) ” Mary Rizzo watches The Wire and considers Baltimore on the small screen. | Lit Hub TV (https://lithub.com/category/newsandculture/film-and-tv/)
* In a family of readers, packing up my late father’s library was hardest of all (https://lithub.com/in-a-family-of-readers-packing-up-my-late-fathers-library-was-hardest-of-all/) : Seth Greenland on making tough decisions and giving in to sentiment. | Lit Hub Memoir (https://lithub.com/category/newsandculture/memoir/)
* https://us.macmillan.com/books/9780374298463?utm_source=lithub&utm_medium=adbanner&utm_term=na-likeslithub&utm_content=na-read-buynow&utm_campaign=9780374191948WATCH: A star-studded reading of Blake Butler’s Alice Knott (https://lithub.com/watch-a-star-studded-reading-of-blake-butlers-alice-knott/) featuring Laura Van Den Berg, Amber Tamblyn, John Darnielle, Catherine Lacey, and more · Singer-songwriter Erika Ender on vulnerability and hope in tough times (https://lithub.com/watch-singer-songwriter-erika-ender-on-vulnerability-and-hope-in-tough-times/) , for the Mighty SONG Writers series. | Lit Hub TV (https://lithub.com/category/newsandculture/the-virtual-book-channel/)
* Sarah Neilson recommends 11 of the most anticipated poetry collections of the fall/winter season (https://bookmarks.reviews/11-of-the-most-anticipated-poetry-collections-of-fall-winter/) , featuring Destiny O. Birdsong, Nikki Giovanni, Cicely Belle Blain, torrin a. greathouse, and more. | Book Marks
* Nathan Ward on the bombing of Wall Street, 100 years later (https://crimereads.com/blood-fire-the-bombing-of-wall-street-100-years-later/) . | CrimeReads
* “I felt like I belonged there, but of course I didn’t, and I just needed to be reminded of that to see it completely differently.” Read a profile of Rumaan Alam (https://www.vulture.com/article/rumaan-alam-leave-the-world-behind.html) . | Vulture
* An oral history of the first National Book Festival (https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/national-book-festival-anniversary/2020/09/14/54d3155c-f37c-11ea-bc45-e5d48ab44b9f_story.html) . | The Washington Post
* The Justice Department issued a subpoena to Simo (https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/15/justice-department-subpoenas-publisher-over-john-bolton-book-about-trump.html) https://bit.ly/32uB0bLn & Schuster (https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/15/justice-department-subpoenas-publisher-over-john-bolton-book-about-trump.html) to investigate if John Bolton mishandled classified information while writing The Room Where It Happened. | CNBC
* On teaching ecopoetry in a time of climate change (https://thegeorgiareview.com/posts/teaching-ecopoetry-in-a-time-of-climate-change/) . | The Georgia Review
* “What people are looking for, I think—people who reflect them. Most of us are kind of bumbling, right? (https://electricliterature.com/walter-mosley-the-awkward-black-man-stories/) ” Walter Mosley on his new collection, The Awkward Black Man. | Electric Literature
* Bibliographies, scientific treatises, memoirs: What were the most popular books in the Ottoman Empire? (https://www.dailysabah.com/arts/who-read-what-in-ottoman-empire-authors-books-and-readers/news) | Daily Sabah
* “It has done incalculable good for me to weep and breathe and feel held by a group of people who know the same fear in their bones.” Aisha Sabatini Sloan on doulas and a community of care (https://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2020/09/15/on-doulas/#more-147572) . | The Paris Review
* “The more reporting I did, the harder it was to sit at a distance from the material.” Chana Joffe-Walt on producing stories on race and education (https://www.guernicamag.com/chana-joffe-walt-nice-white-parents/) . | Guernica

New on Lit Hub Radio
Cathy Park Hong talks to Jordan Kisner about motherhood, work, and turning from poetry to prose (https://lithub.com/cathy-park-hong-on-motherhood-and-turning-from-poetry-to-prose/) , on Thresholds.
Margaret Wilkerson Sexton on listening to your inner voice (https://lithub.com/margaret-wilkerson-sexton-on-listening-to-your-inner-voice/) , on the WMFA podcast.
Mary Beard has a not entirely safe for work conversation with Damian Barr, (https://lithub.com/a-not-entirely-safe-for-work-conversation-with-mary-beard/)
on The Literary Salon.
David Nasaw talks to Andrew Keen about the millions of refugees left behind after WWII (https://lithub.com/david-nasaw-on-the-million-refugees-left-behind-in-germany-after-wwii/) , on Keen On.
Raven Leilani on disco, nail polish, and writing like nobody's watching (https://lithub.com/raven-leilani-on-disco-nail-polish-and-writing-like-no-ones-watching/) ,
on So Many Damn Books.
Paul Holdengraber talks to “Sarah,”a New York City nurse reckoning with the fallout of Covid-19 (https://lithub.com/sarah-an-nyc-nurse-on-the-anger-of-being-unprepared-for-covid-19/) , on The Quarantine Tapes.
Kathleen Rooney on using a pigeon as a narrator (https://lithub.com/kathleen-rooney-on-the-risk-of-losing-readers-by-narrating-from-a-pigeons-point-of-view/) , with Brad Listi on Otherppl.
Reading Women discuss anthologies that center race and disability (https://lithub.com/reading-women-on-two-anthologies-that-center-race-and-disability/) .

lan cao on beginning her american life
Finding strange magic and unlikely love during the Vietnam War (https://lithub.com/finding-strange-magic-and-unlikely-love-during-the-vietnam-war/) .
a night on mount everest
Jennifer Hull on one mountaineer’s perilous trip (https://lithub.com/spending-a-night-alone-in-mount-everests-death-zone/) .
scholastique mukasonga’s new collection
Read the title story, (https://lithub.com/igifu/) “Igifu.” (https://lithub.com/igifu/)


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