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Lesson 9: Tell Them What To Do Next

Many website owners and online entrepreneurs forget what could be the #1
most important thing when communicating with their visitors or potential
customers... they never tell them what to do next.

While it may seem super obvious to us as the content/site creators, most
people get to the end of a web page and think, "That was great, now

If you don't clearly state what the next action should be, most people
will take no action at all.

That's why we invented the end of page message feature. This message
will play as soon as the user reaches the end of the page so you can
clearly tell your visitor what you want them to do next.

If you are selling something, trying to generate leads or simply want to
keep your visitors engaged, you should click the button below to find
out how to activate this feature now... see what I did there ;-)


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