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OSHA Safety Academy!

The New Members-Only Online Training & Certification Center With 141
Courses That Help Reduce Injuries, Avoid Lawsuits, And Maximize

...For As Little As 15 Cents Per Course, Per Employee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This special package comes with UNLIMITED access for up to
20 of your employees to ALL 141 OSHA Safety Trainings & Certifications!

This would literally cost you THOUSANDS if you were to sign up your
employees individually.

AND upon completion of any course by any of your employees... You will
instantly get a printable "proof of certification" certificate (in case the
boys from OSHA ever come knocking).

With this new release special offer you can get this unlimited access
package for only $397! (That's 70% OFF the normal price!)

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And YES... The OSHA Safety 141 Course Academy is...

- 100% OSHA Compliant

- 100% accessible online from any computer, tablet, or phone with an
internet connection

- Contains mostly 1 hour courses that can be completed over an extended
lunch break

- Instantly gives you a printable certificate upon completing any of the
141 courses.

- Will give you a HUGE savings (especially compared to offsite classroom
trainings where you are paying employees to travel offsite and miss work!)

- And MUCH more!

Since 1999 we've pride ourselves on providing the best and most cost
effective OSHA safety trainings and certifications.

That's why I'm so excited for you to take advantage of this awesome new
OSHA Safety Academy and get all the trainings and certifications you need
to stay OSHA compliant and keep your employees SAFE...

...For a fraction of the price that everyone else is paying for the same

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Tom Wilkerson





1. https://secure.certifyme.net/osa/Eyar89iLGaNHqS
2. https://secure.certifyme.net/osa/Eyar89iLGaNHqS
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