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No really, he did that.

Anthony paid $199 to be a member of Monday Movers.

Monday Movers is a watchlist of hot stocks I send out to clients on Friday that I believe are poised to gap up over the weekend.

Last week, I had 4 stocks on my watchlist.


COCP spiked 15%

GRPN up 18%

SIEN up 7%

And NETE spiked 240%!

On Friday at the time of my watchlist alert, NETE was trading at $3.94. Come Monday, it reached as high as $13.43!

Anthony was even late to the party – and bought NETE at $5.50.

By the time he sold on Monday...

He’d made $7.62 PER SHARE!

Hold 1,000 shares... and ANTHONY POCKETED $7620 in barely two days time!

Can you believe he paid just $197 for a full year of Monday Movers watchlist alerts... and made $7620?!

He’s paid for the service 37 times over, with 51 Watchlists to go on this annual subscription.

I mean, you can’t argue with that.

Learn How You Can Get Access To Jason’s Monday Mover watchlists.


To Your Success,

Jason Bond

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