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It’s Time to Jump
Back into Lithium Stocks -- Immediately


It’s time to jump back into lithium.


All as demand begins to show signs of outweighing supply.


You see, lithium
could easily run into a massive supply crunch. 


All thanks to
electric vehicle (EV) sales that are growing much faster than anyone expected.


For one,  “Benchmark
Minerals forecasts
lithium demand to reach 2.2m tonnes by 2030 but as things stand lithium supply
(LCE) is only set to reach 1.67m leaving a huge structural deficit. This demand
will be driven by growing EV adoption through the 2020s, with Benchmark Minerals forecasting
an EV penetration rate of 4.3% in 2020 rising to 30.7% in 2030.”


Two, according
to a new study from the Boston Consulting Group, by 2025, EVs could account
for a third of all auto sales.  By 2030,
EVs could surpass internal combustion engine vehicles with a market share of


Experts also predict that by 2040, EVs will make up 58%
of the light vehicle market.  


three, ”All the supply from the globe’s major
lithium miners Albemarle Corp., Soc. Quimica y Minera de Chile SA, Tianqi
Lithium Corp. and Ganfeng Lithium Co. -- companies that mine mainly in
Australia, Chile and China -- probably won’t be enough to meet demand,” reports
The Washington Post.


The last time we
ran into a similar problem, lithium stocks like Albemarle Corp., Lithium
Americas Corp., and Galaxy Resources exploded.


Now, it could
happen all over again, handing us a solid opportunity to make money. 


In The Cheap Investor 2.0, our Lithium Americas (LAC) trade
has now run from an entry price of $4.38 to a recent high of $7.84.  In our most recent Hot List, just sent to
readers, we feature two others, including one trading at just $1.

Ian L. Cooper

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