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Hey Regan,

****Recently, I have been opening up to you about a few of our blogging
fails and mishaps. Well... another big one was not building an email
list straight away!

If you are guilty of this...raise your hands up!

We can all have a giant pity party together.

In all honesty, not building an email list sooner is something I deeply

Sure, other people TOLD us it was important...but we just never saw the

I mean, what would we even say??

At that time, we were already getting around 30,000 page views per month
and had a list of...

*drum roll please*

20 people.

Which in hindsight was probably just all Tom's family members and mine.
We just never bothered.

Are you in the same boat Regan?

A friend of ours told us we were crazy and that we need to start working
on this ASAP. Finally, that was the kick in the butt that we needed and
soon, we started growing our list month by month.

Now, we have over 20k people on our Adventure In You travel list. It's
awesome to communicate with them through email and provide more value to

That number does not include the number of people on our blogging list.
The one that I am emailing you from now ;-)

Although you might think you have nothing to say, your email list is the
one thing that is YOURS. It's your lifeline to your readers but more
importantly, no algorithm can touch it!

Today, email marketing is one of our secret sauces on how we drive up
our affiliate revenue as well as our product revenue.

Let me ask you something Regan.

How's your email list doing? What strategies are you using to grow your
list, but the better question is, how are you monetizing your email

No joke, our email list probably brings us in an extra $5000 per month.

While I could go on about the advanced techniques on monetizing your
list, the first step is actually building a list!

Step 1: Think of an awesome lead magnet (something reaaaally valuable,
closely related to your niche or to a popular article that you have)
Ideally, lead magnets should be closely related to a product or service
that you have.

Step 2: Create the lead magnet through platforms like Canva.

Step 3: Get those lead magnets working on your site! Whether it's in
content or as a pop-up, get it up and running.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat!

To date, we have between 8 to 12 different lead magnets firing up on
Adventure In you, based on different content sections. We do this to
create segmented email lists who are interested in specific things.

This helps you create products and distribute content based on the EXACT
interest of your list.

If one person (aka...You) signed up for our blogging email list, this
means that I only send you blogging specific stuff. 

You wouldn't want me to email you details about trekking in Nepal, would

We only send you emails about things we know you are interested in or
want to learn about...

As always I hope you appreciate my silly images

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Anna Faustino
Co-Founder of BloggingFastLane.com

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