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Almost every commencement speech says, ‘find your passion’ or ‘do what you love’, he says Should elderly people be penalised for living alone? Should parents be chastened for driving children to school during sub zero weather, rather than walking? We have people spending their entire lives advertising and promoting carbon intensive ways of eating, living, travelling Finding local solutions is especially pressing given the rate at which the Arctic is experiencing climate change People in the low income groups may have an above average energy use, because they live in inefficient homes, says the University of Oxford’s Tina Fawcett We are talking about 16th Century engravings that already describe this, says Marzol Hydrogen powered trains are less expensive, because they don’t require massive track overhauls and they can be created by retrofitting existing diesel trains Wind turbines – a technology that many view as a necessary component in the fight against climate change – can kill airborne animals, leaving lasting implications throughout the food chain Advocates of smaller nuclear reactors argue that they are safer than their traditional counterparts (Credit: Getty Images) In Derby in the UK, the Rolls Royce Consortium is working on another SMR design for its planned 440MW reactor, slightly outside the range usually considered small, although Rolls Royce believes it is the sweet spot for achieving economies of scale When he is not farming, Azmi preaches at many occasions – not only to men in the mosques, but also to local women’s association and to school children The guy who wrote our afterword – Jim Lovell Apollo 13 crew member – said this is the closest you can to feeling like you’re there Everywhere you look there are hand sized spiders, their webs stretched across the wooden beams Because objects, including the fluids in the body, tend to rise in low gravity, guests should prepare for some unflatteringly moonfaced selfies, with the added bonus of nausea as the stomach adjusts to weightlessness The mission is still in its conceptual stage, some 20 years away, with scientists and engineers starting to investigate how to even build such a submarine So we need to be able to find other things that they can draw on We generated our own lightning, says Griffin That was production, so every thing was fast, she says Sick days were down, staff wellbeing was up, but the company did lose some staff who proved incompatible with flexible, condensed working Both employer and employee know they won’t be together forever Companies are only disciplined if an employee complains that their rest periods are being intentionally interrupted If organisations begin emphasising the importance of cultural fit, there is indeed a danger that job candidates and existing employees will end up trying to conform at all costs, says Sameer Srivastava at the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business Those slow, deep breaths set off a cascade of physiological responses that accelerate your descent into a more complete state of relaxation According to practitioners, those slow, deep breaths set off a cascade of physiological responses that accelerate your descent into a more complete state of relaxation, compared to more passive mindfulness exercises Lewis Hamilton says it is shocking that Formula 1 has pressed ahead with this weekend's Australian Grand Prix amid the global coronavirus pandemic Scots have 'big opportunity' in Wales Watson Pick your Scotland XV to play Wales 'Scotland have newfound physical menace' With new defence specialist Steve Tandy joining the set up in January, Scotland have conceded only 49 points and four tries in four tournament fixtures

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