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Hi Elida81a212,

Too many talented, ambitious sensitives busy themselves seeking all of the right answers before they actually take that first step. This stagnant state can look like researching, comparing, dotting i's and crossing t's, trying to get everything just right...

It's exhausting.

Can you relate to this, Elida81a212?

If so, don't be hard on yourself.

I want to save you some time and effort, so here's a reminder:

The answers you seek don't start to arrive until you begin to move.

Then the answers will always follow.

When you first begin something new,

9 times out of 10 you will not FEEL like taking some of the necessary steps.

You may not know where to begin.

It may feel scary.

It may feel like WORK.

Purpose to Profits Planning Call


The sad truth is there are too many talented people who make the mistake of thinking they need to FEEL inspired and fulfilled before they take action.

It's actually the other way around!

When you take action no matter how you feel - and it's connected to your higher purpose - the high vibrational feeling will follow (e.g. ease, confidence, fulfillment, etc.)

It is natural to want to have PROOF before taking action,

but that's not the way it works.

Your action is required first to usher in the answers you seek. This means much of what you do in the beginning stages is mostly based on your VISION and your FAITH. They are powerful precursors to creating what you want.

Purpose to Profits Planning Call


If you are struggling in any of these areas, please know that you will get results when you can get out of your head and start bringing your purpose into form.

If you could use some help with your next steps,

I've created some time in my schedule to support you.

I have 4 spots remaining this week.

Let me help you uncover the top 3 things you need to put into place now to start doing what truly lights you up.


for your chance to have a Purpose to Profits Planning Call with me.

Imagine having my support during the coming months to be the amazing light that you are, to NOT get triggered by current circumstances or old patterns, so you can use the first few months of 2019 to absolutely set yourself up for success this year.

There's nothing better than when I can connect with you privately and coach you directly.

And, you deserve that support!

So, don't wait.


to grab the Purpose to Profits Planning Call now. (4 spots left)

Many Blessings,






BFRP, Energy Healer, Educator





Karyn is an internationally-certified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, who creates custom flower essence blends with your unique energy, emotions and personality. You can experience significant emotional shifts NATURALLY, as the Bach Flower Remedies have no harmful side-effects or contraindications.

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