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LawSikho launched the BarHacker course in the year 2010 and since then more than 200 people have cracked the examination with the help of our course. The best part about the course is that it not only gives you a tried and tested method to pass the examination but also puts all your fundamentals of law in place.

The program is designed to help you ace the bar exam with advanced strategy and preparation techniques that can enable you to prepare effectively, even if you started at the last minute.

This year we are launching an additional classroom version for the BarHacker program as well. Well, what is better than that. On one side you get concise study material to prepare from and on the other hand, you can get a one on one clarification of the same without any hassle.

** Features of the BarHacker Program

1. STRATEGY: Any examination requires a strategy for preparation and the same goes for the AIBE as well. The lack of clarity in the syllabus by the Bar Council is an additional reason to have your strategy straight so that you do not go astray from your actual goal. Therefore we make sure to share detailed tested and tried methods with you so that you may not only ace your examination but also ace your preparation.

2. PAST YEAR PAPER ANALYSIS: Along with a strategy it is equally important to analyse the sort of paper you may expect for the upcoming examination. However, only solving past year papers does not solve the problem because obviously you will not get the same questions and there is always something different that will be added. How can you analyse that bit, it is here that we come in and give you a topic wise analysis of each paper that has come in the past. This not only teaches you the answer to that particular question but also equips you with the entire topic related to that particular question.

3. BRIEF CHAPTERS ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS UNDER THE SYLLABUS OF AIBE: Now this year the Bar Council has provided us with a list of 19 subjects with no sub-categorisation at all. Well, it is quite difficult to go in-depth of all these subjects when there is a paucity of time. It may end up making you very very confused as well. So what we do is on analysis of the past year paper we focus on the parts of the subjects which come for the examinations and provide you with a brief synopsis and essentials of the same. Just go through the subjects and make your way to ace the examination.

4. LIVE PRACTISE OF PAST YEAR PAPERS: If you do face any issues while preparation we organise live practice of past year papers as well during our classes. It is an extremely fruitful method for clarifying all the doubts you may have.

5. IDENTIFICATION OF THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF QUESTIONS THAT COME FOR THE EXAMINATION: The AIBEs paper comprises a wide range of questions. In order to get accustomed to the same you need to practise these questions and there is no better way than to practise the different types of questions in batches. We provide the study material as well as the different types of questions in batches for you to practice frequently.

6. A CONCISE LIST OF BOOKS AND STUDY MATERIAL THAT YOU SHOULD CARRY FOR THE EXAMINATION: There is a lot of confusion amongst the students on this front. Therefore, we provide you with a ready referencer list of books that you may carry for the exam. Along with the list, we also provide you with additional documents, notes, case list, technical term list etc which you may carry for the examination with yourselves.

7. ONE ON ONE CONCEPT CLEARING SESSIONS: We also provide you with one on one doubt clearing sessions if required. At times students are shy or are not able to attend a class, in those circumstances if you face a doubt while watching classroom recordings, then you may clarify the same one on one with our faculty and experts.

8. 24*7 WHATSAPP ASSISTANCE: You may also raise your doubts on the course WhatsApp groups at any time and we shall get back to you with an answer within 24hrs.

9. MY FAVOURITE - HACKSHEETS: Hacksheets act as a miracle in disguise, they not only help you solve the question paper to the best of your abilities but also help you lessen the burden of carrying bags and bags of books for the exam.

10. MOCK TESTS AND QUIZZES: This again formulates an essential and effective asset in your preparation. After each chapter, there is a practise test for your revision along with a mock test in the end which has been curated especially on the basis of the past year paper and topic wise analysis of the same.

Want to know more about our BarHacker course? Read here for full course details. (https://lawsikho.com/course/barhacker---crack-all-india-bar-exam)

If you have any further questions, why not give our career counsellors a call on 011 4084 5203 and have a free consultation.

Also, you can reply to this email with your phone number and a message “I want to know more about BarHacker.” We will reach out to you.

To your success,

Sakshi Jaiswal (with inputs from Shweta Devgan)

Team LawSikho

P. S. LawSikho is running hour-long webinars every day. Want to learn how to improve your learning skills? Prepare an LLM application to a foreign university? Career opportunities in new, upcoming areas of law? Don’t miss these high-quality webinars with industry and academic experts.

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Topic: How can knowledge of companies act help litigators expand their practice

Hosts: Komal shah

Time: 12:00 pm

Topic: Succession; who will get what?

Hosts: Gagan Gandhi and Shweta Aurora

Time: 4:00 pm

Topic: How to crack SLAT in the first attempt?

Hosts: Mr Pranav Gupta, Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Founder PG Law Office and Shweta Aurora

Time: 6:00 pm

Topic: Drafting skills needed for young lawyers to find paid part-time work

Hosts: Abhyuday Agarwal and Ruchika Motwani

Time: 8:00 pm

P. P. S. All our premium courses are covered under an unwavering 45 days full money-back guarantee (https://lawsikho.com/refund-policy) .

After taking a course, if you feel like it is not working out for you, maybe you are not getting enough value out of it or it is not meeting your expectations, just get in touch with us. We will refund every rupee you paid for the course.

No questions asked, as long as the minimum requirements of the refund policy are fulfilled.


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