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When I first started the intentional process of carrying a
lighter pack and adopting a "lightweight" philosophy, the
practical benefits were immediately apparent: I could travel more
miles, I could hike a little faster, I was less fatigued when I
arrived at camp, and I could complete harder, steeper routes to
the more remote places I wanted to visit.

But as the "philosophy" began to become ingrained in me, I really
started to think about how "going light" could impact the rest of
my life. Fifteen years ago, our lives were complicated,
overwhelming, too busy - we felt like salmon swimming upstream.

So over the past several years, we have downsized our
possessions, downsized our home, traveled more, hiked more, and
have made more room for the passions in our life. "Going light"
has had a powerful and positive impact that has extended far
beyond our wilderness travel style.

So here's my question to you:

Why are you here? Why did you visit backpackinglight.com?

Reply to me and tell me your story, what your struggles are, and
what you are hoping to find here. Here's my video invitation:




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