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Dear Herman,

Honor Society is announcing exciting new scholarships, leadership opportunities, and paid internships over the coming weeks. Please connect with us via LinkedIn and Instagram to get up-to-date news on the opportunities.

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8 new scholarship recipients have already been announced in 2019. We will be sharing their stories, along with new scholarship opportunities, on social media over the coming weeks. View Recent Scholarship Recipients: https://www.honorsociety.org/scholarship-recipients

New Active Member Scholarships - Over $10,000 Available
Scholarship details will be shared to members via LinkedIn and Instagram

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Additional current Honor Society scholarship opportunities include the:

* Undergraduate Achiever Scholarship
* Graduate Achiever Scholarship
* Member Spotlight Scholarship
* Community Service Scholarship
* Study Abroad Scholarship

Learn More About These Scholarships

Study Abroad Scholarship Member Spotlight
Algenia from University of Alabama
Algenia, an Honor Society member and study abroad scholarship recipient, from the University of Alabama spent 6 weeks in Italy. Highlights of the program for her included visiting the Sistine Chapel, climbing Mount Vesuvius, hiking from city to city in Cinque Terre, and seeing opera in Verona.
View recipient profile: https://www.honorsociety.org/scholarship-recipient/honorsocietyorg-study-aboad-scholarship-algenia-italy

Community Service Scholarship Member Spotlight
Quinashai from University of Houston
Quinashai, a student at the University of Houston, is an Honor Society community service scholarship recipient. She tutors Spanish speaking adults in the English language at a non-profit organization called Even Start.
View recipient profile: https://www.honorsociety.org/scholarship-recipient/quinashai-honorsociety-community-service-scholarship

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Honor Society
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