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Heidrich Acupuncture, LLC Acupuncture Acupuncturist inserts hair-thin needles into the body to help treat pain, depression, fatigue, anxiety, and stress 100% of 402 Customers $350 $66 View Deal Ruby Room, The Style of Wellness Spa Packages at Ruby Room Arcona products exfoliate and revitalize faces, moisturize eye areas, and firm up necks during anti-aging treatments 96% of 1,093 Customers $155 $95 View Deal The Geldner Center The Geldner Center A handheld laser gently heats up follicles to slow or halt hair growth; six sessions are scheduled 4–8 weeks apart 97% of 559 Customers $900 $199 View Deal TLC Laser Eye Centers LASIK Eye Surgery Performed by experienced specialists, LASIK eye surgery can help improve vision and reduce the need for contact lenses and eye glasses 99% of 78 Customers $800 $50 View Deal Chicago Skin Solutions Laser Hair Removal Certified laser technicians treat unwanted hair in 15- to 30-minute treatments with long-lasting results 97% of 685 Customers $450 $99 View Deal Old Town MedSpa at Lincoln Park Restylane Professionals inject Restylane to smooth out lines and tighten skin for both men and women 94% of 81 Customers $650 $449 View Deal Whole Body Health And Wellness Acupuncture Licensed chiropractor discusses past medical history with patients and inserts thin needles at key points on the body for renewed vigor 99% of 112 Customers $155 $45 View Deal Old Town MedSpa at Lincoln Park 20 Units of Botox Doctor determines eligibility during consultation, then may inject up to 20 units of cosmetic treatment 94% of 81 Customers $260 $179 View Deal Chicago Institute of Plastic Surgery Botox Dr. Patel and his team expertly inject Botox to enhance visages with a youthful appearance 94% of 732 Customers $300 $159 View Deal Old Town MedSpa at Lincoln Park Laser Hair Removal An aesthetician targets hair follicles with laser light, reducing hair growth over a number of sessions 94% of 81 Customers $450 $129 View Deal MC Lash Studio Microdermabrasion Using medical-grade products, dry and dead skin is removed to reveal a younger, healthier-looking appearance 88% of 462 Customers $125 $25 View Deal Goldcoast medspa Microdermabrasion & Dermaplaning Treatments works to remove dead skin cells and brighten the complexion using either micro-crystals or a medical-grade blade 91% of 182 Customers $135 $69 View Deal LeRobs Day Spa Eminence Facials An experienced aesthetician performs a deluxe or anti-aging facial to cleanse and exfoliate complexion for a hydrated and revitalized skin 100% of 57 Customers $170 $65 View Deal Allure Beauty Lounge Microdermabrasions An aesthetician uses a diamond-tipped wand and gentle vacuum suction to exfoliate facial skin and address sun damage or discoloration 97% of 553 Customers $440 $99 View Deal Evolution Med Spa Botox Injections Botox injections release protein compounds into the face that smooth out crow’s feet, frown lines, and other moderate wrinkles 89% of 857 Customers $300 $164 View Deal View All Deals   Look & Feel Amazing   Browse More Deals Groupon Merchant  |  FAQ  |  Gift Cards  |  Contact You are receiving this email because oscarhamill3888@hidebox.org is signed up to receive Groupon communications. To adjust how often you receive future Groupon Occasion emails, including unsubscribing, click here. Delivered by Groupon 600 W. 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