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Dear Trisha, greetings!

I understand the value of your time, therefore I will get directly to the point.
You can get flat 70% discount on our products (not combos) for a limited time and quantity. Are you interested?

I am going to make you an offer that will be impossible to resist and very simple to avail.

All you have to do is give an honest opinion about our products. That is all! I am not requesting five stars and paragraphs of praises. Although, that would be very nice not only for our business, but for my overinflated ego as well.

As you may have noticed (or not), we are slowly coming out of the shadows and becoming more established in the world wide web (also known as the internet, social media, online presence, e-Commerce, etc). While doing so, I am learning new hip words like SEO, Social Presence, Analytics, CTR, Impressions, Influencers and Followers. Anyway, I will not bore you with all this, I am sure you know more than me about it, but I want you to somehow benefit from all these cool things.

Ok, back to my offer... What you need to do is click this link (https://immortalityherb.us17.list-manage.com/track/click?u=d8837abbcb6684d85a8caba0a&id=7207219bfc&e=1b5ada8fb4) and tell the world what you think about our products and our company. The link takes you to our business profile on Google and lets you share with everyone your opinion about us. Keep in mind that these reviews are public, so let's keep it civil.

Once you are done with Google, let me know, and I will send you the discount voucher. I advise you not to take a long time, as we only have limited quantity of these vouchers and the offer is valid till stocks last. Therefore I think that with this whopping 70% discount they will be gone like hot cakes.

If you face any difficulty with the task or have any questions - do not hesitate to contact me and I will sort things out for you in a jiffy!
Wishing you a long and healthy life
Jagulana Herbals Team
The Jiaogulan Experts - supplying satisfied customers for 25 years

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