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But for those that can there are plenty of benefits from spending more time at home, to missing the morning rush hour or being able to take jobs further from where they live I saw someone on Twitter the other day, saying that they were going to lead a one tonne carbon lifestyle this year, says Fawcett Declining costs associated with solar energy is also an incentive Faced with an entrenched culture of consumerism, few research trials, wavering support from the public and a lack of political will, can a personal carbon allowance ever be more than an idea ahead of its time? People power Well, yes 5 hours to fetch water from the closer well, says Jamila Bargach, executive director and co founder of Dar Si Hmad, an organisation that works to create opportunities for vulnerable communities in South western Morocco, and fellow of the Oak Institute for Human Rights at Colby College in Waterville, Maine With our current hydrogen storage technologies, hydrogen takes up significantly more space than equivalent fossil fuels do But we have some recovery in this area, he adds, which would increase the likelihood of bat turbine collisions Canada, for instance, recently announced a plan to explore potential SMR sites in remote locations in the far north that currently rely on diesel to generate electricity Local elections involve land transactions, and fires were used as a cheap way to increase land value, he says I was lucky enough to spend time with Neil Armstrong, and I wish Id appreciated it more at the time Brian May Most of us will only know Armstrong, who died in 2012, from that disembodied voice as he stepped onto the Moons surface, and the photographs, but May has a more personal connection to him In response, Europe is building Ariane 6 a 62m high (204ft), multi stage rocket, capable of launching medium and large spacecraft into a variety of different orbits Private companies like SpaceX are still testing their vehicles and not yet sending people into space (Credit: Getty Images) More alarming are the charged particles entering the cabin that could potentially cause genetic damage; as insulated as space vehicles are, they are not fully proofed against such cosmic radiation Its also possible there simply isnt any life there yet You don't need a completely different type of astronaut to do a longer mission, says Sandal SCE stands for Signal Conditioning Equipment, the system that processed spacecraft sensor data for transmission to the ground And you would think the fabric didn't cost that much maybe five or six dollars a yard One in five of our workforce is suffering mental stress at any given time But is it possible to establish exactly how much time spent surfing online rejuvenates, without tipping over into slacking off? How long is too long? When it comes to cyberloafing and finding the right amount Jonathan Wasserstrum, chief executive of New York real estate technology company Squarefoot, is a realist People want free afternoon hours for errands, appointments and childcare, and the option to make up the time in the evening, she adds What makes for a tolerable robot colleague? Teams of psychologists, roboticists and managers are trying to find out You can tell just by taking a deep breath how much it is a mechanical act, explains Donald Noble at Emory University in the US We're in a great place, we're confident and we're going to go down there and put our best foot forward, added McInally Instead of stressing about having to hoover in the evening, I could just say oh, she's coming the day after tomorrow and just let it go


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