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The potential of this fuel is so great that it's hard to enumerate. Bythe middle of the century, our economy could easily be dependent onit. Today, editor Alex Koyfman details one of the most fascinating andprospective investment stories he’s seen in years and introducesreaders to the company that holds the patent to the technologypowering it.                                                                                                      The potential of this fuel is so great that it's hard to enumerate.By the middle of the century, our economy could easily be dependent onit. Today, editor Alex Koyfman details one of the most fascinating andprospective investment stories he’s seen in years and introducesreaders to the company that holds the patent to the technologypowering it. [Wealth Daily logo] From the World’s Fastest Airplane… Into Your Car [Alex Koyfman Photo] By Alex Koyfman[http://www.wealthdaily.com/editors/alex-koyfman?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=7]Written Apr 08, 2021 Ask any 8-year-old what the fastest plane ever was and, from those whorespond with anything more than a shrug, you'll get the same answer 9times out of 10: the SR-71 Blackbird.The legendary Cold War-era Air Force spy plane flew so high and sofast that no missile could ever catch it… and rival interceptorsrarely got close enough for their pilots to even catch a glimpse.Those few who did would have been rewarded with a firsthand look atthis unforgettable shape:[sr71]At the age of 8, I got to see one sitting on the tarmac at AndrewsAirforce Base and thought it was just about the greatest thing ever.And yes, had somebody asked me what the fastest plane ever was, Iwould have been bursting at the seams to be the first to say it.And, like everyone else, I would have been wrong.THIS IS THE KEY TO THE NEXT TECH REVOLUTIONThis $4 stock is sitting on a technology that is set to unleash whatBill Gates is calling the "next big change in computing." All the bigboys are pouring in billions... Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft.But 99% of investors have never heard of it. By the time you hearabout this one on CNBC or Fox Business, it will be too late. Don’tmiss this. GO HERE FOR DETAILS ON THIS EXPLOSIVE OPPORTUNITY.[https://www.riskhedge.com/go/RH051A0477/WED]While the SR-71 did fly at an incredible speed of just under 2,200 mph(the speed of a rifle bullet as it leaves the muzzle) and still holdsthe coast-to-coast flight record of one hour and four minutes, it topsout at less than half the speed of the plane occupying the top spot.Excluding the space shuttle, which is either a rocket or a gliderdepending on which stage of flight it's in, history's fastest poweredairplane ever is North American Aviation's experimental X-15, operatedby both the Air Force and NASA.[x15]If you want to see one for yourself, you can. The one at the NationalAir and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., still bears the scorch marksof its hypersonic dashes through the sky above the Nevada desert.The X-15 differs from your traditional airplane in a few ways.First of all, it didn't take off from a runway. Instead, to minimizethe fuel requirements of having to start from zero altitudes and zerospeed, the X-15 was dropped from the belly of a B-52 bomber (just likea cruise missile) and immediately ascended into the thin air of thestratosphere to execute its high-speed run.The differences don't end there.In place of air-breathing jet engines, the X-15 got its motivationfrom two liquid-fueled rocket motors, which produced 57,000 pounds ofthrust.Powered flight lasted less than two minutes, during which time theX-15 would add about 4,000 mph to its speed and between 70,000 and300,000 feet to its altitude, bringing it to the very edge of space.Finally, when it came time to land, the X-15 glided to the earth anddeployed skis instead of landing gear to coast to a stop on whateverflat patch of desert was available.IT'D PASS YOUR SR-71 LIKE YOU'RE STANDING STILLAll of these idiosyncrasies were there for a reason: to optimizeperformance.It first flew in 1959, and in 1967, with William J. Knight at thecontrols, the X-15 hit Mach 6.7, or 4,520 mph, at an altitude of102,000 feet to take the record for fastest flight in a powered,manned aircraft.Had the beautiful SR-71 been flying alongside the stumpy, homelylittle X-15 on that day, it would have been overtaken at a speeddifferential of more than 2,300 mph.During the high-altitude flights of the early '60s, the X-15 flew sohigh that five of the Air Force pilots who participated in testingwere awarded astronaut wings.Much about the machine is unique and amazing but perhaps nothing moreso than the fuel that took it to those heights and speeds.The X-15's principal fuel is a chemical you probably associate moreclosely with household cleaners: ammonia.Despite its decidedly unglamorous reputation, ammonia is actually anincredibly versatile, potent, and environmentally friendly energysource.It's highly stable and therefore not explosive under normalconditions, and after it's burned, the only byproduct is water vapor.And it doesn't just work for military planes and rockets. With minormodifications, any of today's mass-produced internal combustionengines can be set up to burn ammonia while retaining all of the samebenefits.Sounds like one of those too-good-to-be-true stories, but it's true.Ammonia fuel is so clean that its exhaust can be cooled and safelysipped from a glass... and yet still deliver enough power to bringairplanes to the edge of space.So what's the catch? If it's so great, why is gasoline, not ammonia,our primary fuel for the consumer and commercial markets?Ammonia, up until very recently, was a problem to produce en masse. Itwas an expensive process that left behind toxic remnants and made itsproduction in the volumes necessary to sustain an energy market simplynot feasible.But all of that is now about to change.MEET GASOLINE 2.0There is now a new technology on the radar that's about to change theparadigm.It's an already-patented ammonia production process that's currentlyundergoing trials in a series of progressively larger productionfacilities.The benefits over the current standard are as simple as they aredramatic. Ammonia can now be produced using nothing more than water,air, and electricity, and it can be done at a final cost lower thanthat of gasoline or diesel.These two improvements to the production process instantly giveammonia the potential to compete in the $3 trillion-per-year globalfossil fuel market.In five–10 years, your local filling station could be dispensingthis stuff right alongside gasoline. In another five–10 years, itcould dispense only this stuff, with gas and diesel a distant memory.Ammonia's potential for transforming the world goes further than justpowering our various modes of transportation.[URGENT] YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO MISS THIS STOCK MARKET EVENTWe are just a few days away from the biggest event in our history.It’s a special live broadcast called "[https://www.alphaprofitmachine.com/?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=7]HOWTO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WALL STREET'S $23 BILLION 'SECRET WEAPON.'"[https://www.alphaprofitmachine.com/?llotc=2&utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=7]And I’m not exaggerating when I say that there are literally_millions of dollars_ at stake.During the broadcast, Brit Ryle will reveal exactly how top hedgefunds get such a huge advantage over regular traders... and howregular traders can claim that same advantage right back... _o__ncethey know what this __SECRET WEAPON_[https://www.alphaprofitmachine.com/?llotc=3&utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=7]_is._Attendance is free — but spots are strictly limited, so you need toclaim yours by CLICKING HERE RIGHT NOW.[https://www.alphaprofitmachine.com/?llotc=4&utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=7]With production now requiring only the most basic raw materials,ammonia can actually be produced by wind and solar farms as a methodfor storing energy during high-production, low-demand periods.Right now, when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining but nobodyis home running their washing machines, lithium-ion batteries are usedto soak up excess kilowatts. In the future, ammonia productionfacilities could be adapted to produce and store ammonia to eithersell or transform back into electricity during peak-demand hours byusing that ammonia to run a carbon-free generator.TRADING ELECTRONS FOR FUEL AND BACK AGAINThe potential is so great it's hard to enumerate... but it's safe tosay that by the middle of the century, we could easily be running onan ammonia-dependent economy.The company that holds the patent came into existence, in its presentform, for the sole purpose of bringing this technology to the massmarket.It's so new that it started trading under its current ticker symbolless than two months agoSince then, the stock has already nearly doubled.But even with the incredible attention it has received from theinvestment community, this company still barely cracks a $40 millionmarket capitalization.In other words, it's an embryo — a tiny speck compared to the giantmarket[https://www.angelnexus.com/o/web/318272?utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=7].It's one of the most fascinating and prospective investment storiesI've seen in years, and because the opportunity here is so new and sovolatile, I had to rush a research report and presentation throughproduction to get it in front of your eyes before the stock ranaway.  And from the looks of things, that's exactly what it intends to do.The stock price has been rising steadily since the company changed itsname and ticker, almost doubling in price[https://www.angelnexus.com/o/web/318272?llotc=2&utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=7].I think it's still got a zero or two to add before it's all over, andthe way things are moving, we might see that come to pass sooner thanI thought.So I urge you to check out this presentation ASAP. Who knows whereshares could be trading tomorrow[https://www.angelnexus.com/o/web/318272?llotc=3&utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=7]?Click here for instant access.[https://www.angelnexus.com/o/web/318272?llotc=4&utm_optipub=email-article&identifier=0a248d74029c6769ef123a9743d7e70d&utm_referrer=7]Fortune favors the bold,[alex koyfman Signature]Alex Koyfman[follow basic]@AlexKoyfman on Twitter[https://twitter.com/alexkoyfman]_His flagship service, Microcap Insider, provides market-beatinginsights into some of the fastest moving, highest profit-potentialcompanies available for public trading on the U.S. and Canadianexchanges. With more than 5 years of track record to back it up,Microcap Insider is the choice for the growth-minded investor. 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