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*TEL: Direct line: +234-90-329-07118*



This is to confirm to you the receipt of email received informing us that
you have mandated your representative to act on your behalf to claims you
fund with the Central Bank of Nigeria, are you aware of the claim laid by
Mrs. Janet White.

We are glad to write you this email as we expect an immediate reply from
you to settle the mix up we have with your payment. We have not approved
the payment to the name of Mrs. Janet White yet. All we asked her was to
get a Power of Attorney from you stating that all powers have been given to
her which she has not yet supplied to us.

We contacted you to be aware of what is going on with your payment because
from all indications, we found out that Mrs. Janet white was sent by your
partner whom you have been dealing with who now has decided to divert the
funds to another account without your knowledge.

It is based on this that we seriously advise you to please stop further
communications with your partner and those who claim to have possession of
your funds. You have to communicate with this office only until your
payment is finally made to your bank account latest this year 2020.

You are advised to immediately complete the attached form which will enable
us to apply for the release of your transfer documents from the Presidency
and other Ministries concerned. Know that this will help us facilitate your
payment by obtaining the relevant legal documents in your name.

All the approval documents will be forwarded to you via your email address
as an attachment. Copies of the original will be sent to the Presidency for
final approval and payment processing. Other documents from the Central
Bank, the Finance Ministry (etc) will also be sent to you by email as an
attachment before the transfer process will commence.

The Payment Schedule attached here was issued today by this office listing
your name third on the payroll so it is left for you to work with this
office diligently so that we can serve you better. The form must be
completed and returned back to us immediately to enable us to start
processing your payment.

You are advised to reconfirm your mobile phone number so that we can be
sure we have the correct number as we need to communicate with you as soon
as the transfer has been approved.

Call me upon receipt of this message so that we can talk on the possibility
of having your funds transferred to your account on the 27th of this month

Thank you as I wait for your reply to this message.

Yours faithfully,

*Mr. **Godwin Emefiele, *


Warning: the message above can be a phishing scam. See: legal notes