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Enjoy the first episode in this new series from our friends at LabX!
Chemists in the Kitchen Out Now
Gather your ingredients and preheat your ovens, folks, Chemists in the Kitchen is available now! Each episode of this new short-form video series will feature a rotating cast of chemists completing a variety of culinary tasks while tossing in a bit of chemistry along the way. Episode 101: Cookie Exchange (https://youtu.be/GPe2dKPq-z0) follows Adrian, Julie, and Kim as they exchange cookie recipes near and dear to their hearts, attempt to bake each other's recipes, and then ship their creations off to the original owner for a taste test.

Check out the trailer below then watch the full episode over on LabX's YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/GPe2dKPq-z0) !

Watch Chemists in the Kitchen (https://youtu.be/GPe2dKPq-z0)

Chemists in the Kitchen Episode 101: Cookie Exchange Trailer

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