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An Algorithmic Approach to Freelancing

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Expert Secret: Freelancer Algorithm

Becoming a freelance coder is both easy and hard. It's easy
because everybody can do it within a day or so. And it's hard
because most people fail because they don't know the right way of
approaching this.

Maybe you are interested in coding, or maybe you are already very
good at coding.

But see, you've already approached this endeavor from the wrong
perspective. As a freelance coder, you are first a business
person and second a coder. It's not the other way round.

Coding is not your number one skill as a freelancer. Many coders
who start at platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr believe that they
need to sharpen their coding skills before they can become
successful at these platforms. Nothing can be further from the

A much better strategy is to think like a business person: which
problems do people have and how can I solve them?

With this in mind, you can even approach people and ask them
whether they would be interested in solving their problems. This
skill is called selling---and it's the life-blood of any

So what you are essentially doing is to start by solving small
problems, grow your skills as you solve them, and start to attack
larger and larger problems for your clients.

As you solve their problems, they will be happy and give you a
positive rating.

You'll find it much easier to get more and more clients. At some
point not too far in the future, you'll have much more on your
plate than you can solve alone. Clients are contacting you,
asking you to solve their problems. And they'll refer you to
other clients with similar problems.

Heck, even the freelancing platform will propose you as a
freelancer to solve their clients' problems since they want to
satisfy them. This is a good sign, and it means that you have
been quite successful in solving clients' problems.

The demand for your services increases -- and so does your hourly

As you're a coder, I've compiled the great freelancing strategy
in pseudocode for you:

goal_hourly_rate = input("What's your goal hourly rate?")
current_hourly_rate = 0 while current_hourly_rate <
problems = make_list_of_problems()
clients = make_list_of_clients()
clients[0].contact("Can I solve your problem: "
+ problems[0] + "?")

It's a simple algorithm, but it works.

You become aware of the problems in your industry. Guess if you
don't know them exactly. Then you contact potential clients
outside of the freelancing platform. You can use the freelancing
platform to find the contact info of the clients though. You ask
them whether they would be willing to hire you if you solve one
problem. If they aren't, ask them what problems they have. Over
time, you'll get a pretty good experience in determining the
problems of clients.

Then you attack the problem. No worries if it takes you forever
to solve it. It's just not relevant. You are on a path of
continuous improvement, and every follow-up project will become
easier because of your experience, while finding follow-up
clients will become easier, too. It's hard at the beginning and
very easy later--–if you stay in the game long enough.

Action steps:
* Print the freelancer success algorithm.
* Run through the first loop body today.
* Keep repeating until you're satisfied with your hourly rate.

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