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Hello Lena... According to a report by the recruiting office in 2020, 63% of job applicants admitted to lying on their CV. What's even more shocking is that only 31% of these candidates were found out. Background checks as a part of your pre-employment screening is the best way to protect your business, but what are the rules? How do they work and who should be checked and when? Please join us for our free educational webinar on the 16th of April @ 1pm where we will answer these questions and more. click here to register

We would love to talk to you about how wersquove become the UK's fastest growing screening company so please get in touch
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https://e.personneltoday.com/linkapp/cmaStart.aspx?LinkID=pageid100163282zzrzf~zfq9nhjn~q9fnf9~qthjjx~z~f~f~f~n Why intersectionality should be considered when forming a D&I strategy - Read more
https://e.personneltoday.com/linkapp/cmaStart.aspx?LinkID=pageid100163282zzrzf~zfqzxnz9~q9fnf9~qthjjx~z~f~f~f~n Firefighter who called gay colleague lsquohalf a manrsquo wins pound12k pay out - Read more
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