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Use Your Instant Pot to Cook The Milk Street Way: Fast or Slow!

Fast and Slow transforms the Instant Pot from a quicker way to prepare dinner to a better way! With 150 recipes, we deliver fresh flavor combinations and big-flavor one-pot meals that also simplify the cooking process. Order your copy today and receive a 33% discount off the cover price plus a $15 gift code to the Milk Street Store. This special extended offer ends tonight.
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Dear Milk Streeter,

Today, the New Home Cooking comes to the Instant Pot. You can produce bold, fresh flavors faster and easier. And you can cook it fast or slow! A majority of the recipes have a quick (pressure cooker) version as well as a slow cooker option. Fast or slow – it’s up to you!

Yes, the Instant Pot is great for breaking down tough cuts of meat., It is also great for quick cooking slow-cook items such as beans. But, here at Milk Street, we wanted to take the Instant Pot to a new level with big, bold flavors, with new ideas, and with recipes that are either as good or better than with a traditional stovetop or oven method.
Here are just a few of the discoveries we made here at Milk Street to take your Instant Pot cooking to a new level.
Perfect Pasta

When our kitchen staff suggested cooking pasta in the Instant Pot I laughed – it would overcook and not take less time BUT, after just one tasting, I was shocked! The Instant Pot actually makes delicious pasta including Two-Cheese Pasta with Cauliflower, Spaghetti Puttanesca, and Pasta all’Amatriciana.


Vegetables Love the Instant Pot!

Including Spiced Sweet Potatoes with Cashews and Cilantro, Whole Steamed Cauliflower, and Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes. No need to heat up a large pot of water or get out your steaming basket.

Meat Made Easy

Classic meat dishes are quick and easy including Ropa Vieja, Chili Con Carne, Greek Beef Stew, Meatballs in Tomato Sauce and even Korean Braised Short Ribs. Best of all, we have found ways to offer bright, bold flavors with these dishes instead of the “tired” flavor profiles of many fast and slow recipes.


A Better Way to Cook Beans

There is no better way to cook beans including Hummus, Black Beans with Bacon and Tequila, and Indian Spiced Kidney Beans.

Great Grains
Fast & Slow will teach you to quick-cook rice, bulgur, lentils, oatmeal, polenta, and risotto in the Instant Pot.


Upgrade Your Chicken

You can upgrade your chicken dishes using the Instant Pot including Chicken Paprikash, Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup, Georgian Chicken Stew, and Spicy Braised Korean Chicken.

Fast & Slow also allows you to cook a dish either fast (pressure cooker setting) or slow, using the slow-cooker option on the Instant Pot depending on your schedule. You decide!
ORDER TODAY + GET A $15 GIFT CODE (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=7a1aa9311d&e=bbc6665f10)
We also learned lessons about HOW to Fast- or Slow-Cook using the Instant Pot. Here is a quick primer:

* Use very little liquid when braising to create a powerful sauce.

* When cooking large cuts, cut them into smaller pieces which cook more quickly and evenly.

* Don’t bother prepping last minute ingredients until you start the Instant Pot – you’ll have time to do it then.

* Check the position of the pressure valve when opening and re-closing the Instant Pot.

* The natural, slow release cycle is best for tough cuts of meat.

* Slow cooking is great for meats, beans, and hardy vegetables whereas fast cooking is well-suited for pasta, seafood, and delicate grains and vegetables.

* Mix and Match: Feel free to hurry up a recipe by switching to the Sauté or Pressure Cooker mode. Remember that the pressure cook option will take time to come up to pressure so this is not ideal for recipes that are almost done.

* Before closing the lid, make sure that the ingredients are well-distributed for even cooking.

* Putting tomatoes on the top of foods with low-liquid recipes keeps them from scorching on the bottom of the pot during cooking.

* If the liquid in the pot is too thin when fully cooked, let sit for 10 minutes as some of the liquid will be reabsorbed by the contents. If still too thin, use the Sauté function to thicken.


Order your copy of Fast & Slow today at a 33% discount off of the cover price and also get a $15 gift code to the online Milk Street Store. This offer ends tonight!
ORDER TODAY (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=3c87192de3&e=bbc6665f10)
Best of all, Fast & Slow (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=a760688593&e=bbc6665f10) doesn’t ask you to sacrifice quality for convenience. Here at Milk Street we were somewhat skeptical of using the Instant Pot – after all, wasn’t our enameled cast iron Dutch oven good enough? As it turned out, we fell in love with Instant Pot cooking and I use it all the time at home. You can turn out great food with less work. And, over and over again, I found that the food is actually better!

Let me leave you with four Instant Pot recipes that will change the way you cook. They are easy, they are bold, and they are fresh tasting.
Christopher Kimball
Founder, Milk Street

P.S. When the idea of doing an Instant Pot book first came up, I thought it was, well, nuts! I have used an enameled Dutch oven for decades and did not need yet another appliance. Also, I was worried that the flavors would be muted and dull. But, after the first week of testing I was a convert. I made black beans and a chicken/tomato stew and all sort of grain dishes and I even made pasta! Best of all, we were able to bring the big, bold flavors of Milk Street and many global influences to the Instant Pot so the food is not just good, it’s exciting. So, if you are like me, you may be a bit skeptical but, take it from me, give it a try. Although my wife Melissa tries to hide my Instant Pot in the basement when I’m not looking, I keep bringing it back upstairs for yet another meal. Fast & Slow really is a good idea, one that changed the way I cook.

ORDER TODAY + GET A $15 GIFT CODE (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=5885bd594f&e=bbc6665f10)


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