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Issue No. 14 | September 2020

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In the News

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The Great Disruption: How technology, and innovation will change entire industries - Technology


The COVID – 19 pandemic has created a truly unprecedented situation which has affected humanity as a whole. This has been highly disruptive for the economy at a global level...

read the full article ( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/how-technology-and-innovation-will-change-industries/ )

( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/the-million-mile-battery-revolution-what-it-means-for-you/ )


The million-mile battery revolution: What it means for you - Automotive


Electronic Vehicles or EVs have finally become mainstream globally and the invention of a million-mile battery can be crucial in its meteoric growth...

read the full article ( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/the-million-mile-battery-revolution-what-it-means-for-you/ )

( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/turn-data-into-unforgettable-experiences/ )


Turning experience-centric data into unforgettable experiences - Technology


A virtuous cycle is defined as a beneficial chain of events, each having a positive effect on the next. It’s a fitting concept for the evolution of content and data in the experience era...

read the full article ( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/turn-data-into-unforgettable-experiences/ )

( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/uncertainty-in-business-outlook-a-contributor-to-smaller-pay-packets/ )


Uncertainty in business outlook a contributor to smaller pay packets: Deloitte survey - Business Functions


If you’re taking home (so to speak) a smaller pay packet each month, you can stop wondering if you’re alone as a recent Deloitte Survey confirms this erosion in value...

read the full article ( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/uncertainty-in-business-outlook-a-contributor-to-smaller-pay-packets/ )

( https://survey.statista-research.com/39685?lang=en )

( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/3-traits-of-successful-ceos-you-need-to-imbibe-today/ )


3 traits of successful CEOs you need to imbibe today - Leadership & Management


History is rife with the story of many a leader, some who rose to the occasion and roused their followers in the face of a crisis, and those that crumbled under pressures or the weight of expectation to come undone...

read the full article ( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/3-traits-of-successful-ceos-you-need-to-imbibe-today/ )

( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/the-global-outlook-for-renewable-energy/ )

The global outlook for renewable energy - Energy

2020 has been the kind of red-letter year that seems seminal, with life now divided into two distinct portions; pre-covid, and post-covid...

read the full article ( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/the-global-outlook-for-renewable-energy/ )

( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/factors-influencing-the-rise-of-privacy-conscious-customers/ )


Factors influencing the rise of privacy-conscious customers - Business Functions


The average internet users are now inundated with more information on privacy matters than ever before, elevating their understanding of how internet companies utilize user data for their gains...

read the full article ( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/factors-influencing-the-rise-of-privacy-conscious-customers/ )


Poor infrastructure the primary roadblock to developing a robust supply chain network - Transportation & Logistics


More than 40% of 500+ senior industry leaders polled in a survey agreed that poor infrastructure is the biggest obstacle in developing a robust supply chain network. A weak distribution system and fragmented market emerged as the second greatest challenge, with 30% opining the same.

( https://etinsights.et-edge.com/poor-infrastructure-primary-roadblock-supply-chain-network/ )


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