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James Beard Award Winner for Best General Cookbook

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Tuesday Nights presents more than 200 solutions for bold weeknight cooking, showing you how to make simple, healthy, and big flavor meals that come together in minutes. This offer ends tonight.
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Dear Milk Streeter,

Most of us think of weeknight cooking as “pasta with butter and cheese” night. Or, skillet steak, an omelet or a quick tomato sauce. And, yet, on Saturday night we pull out all the stops or at least up the ante. There’s Tuesday night cooking and then there’s fancy cooking.

Well, most of the world doesn’t think that way—home cooks from Oaxaca to Taipei to Naples manage to produce good food every time they step into the kitchen. Food that is bold, fresh, interesting and worthy of a real meal. And they do all of this quickly and easily.

And that, in a nutshell, is the idea behind our new cookbook, “Tuesday Nights”—fresh, lively food that you can make any night of the week. Rethink the basics—turn a simple chicken into Moroccan-Style Braised Chicken. Make a great soup out of bread and chickpeas in one of our favorite weeknight recipes, Lablabi. Cook lentils with cider. Find new ways with egg salad (with a 10-minute pickled onion as a garnish). Add the flavors of Singapore to a quick shrimp dish. Or explore all the ways to make a quick dinner out of beans, rice and grains. You’ll start thinking like the best cook you know!

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Fast, Faster, Fastest
“Tuesday Nights” lets you choose recipes according to the time you have to make dinner. Fast is 45 minutes or less; faster is ready in half an hour; and fastest is under 30 minutes. Plus, we offer Easy Additions, Supper Salads, Pizza Night, One Pot, Roast and Simmer, and Sweets. This book is designed for how you cook at home with the time you have at your disposal. And, you get fresh, bold food, even on a Tuesday night!

Fast: Tuscan Soup with Bread This simple Tuscan meal combines simple peasant ingredients with fennel, paprika and garlic for a satisfying midweek supper.

Faster: Moroccan Chicken Skewers A quick marinade with ginger, garlic, cumin and coriander transform chicken pieces into a grilled Moroccan-flavored meal.

Fastest: Rethink Italian Pastas with Spaghetti al Limone A fresh, simple spaghetti dinner with lemon zest, juice, parsley and a hint of red pepper flakes (and no marinara sauce).

We Transform Midweek American Classics from Boring to Brilliant

The bane of most American dinner tables is baked chicken parts: bland and boring. In “Tuesday Nights,” we reimagine this classic as a “traybake”—the chicken parts (rubbed with coriander, ground ginger and black pepper) are roasted on a sheet pan along with 10 garlic cloves that become the basis for a quick sauce. When the chicken is done, the cloves are mashed with a fork and then combined with water, lemon juice and zest, EVOO and cilantro to make a quick sauce.

The “Traybake” Roasts Chicken and Makes Its Own Garlic Sauce Coriander Roasted Chicken takes three pounds of chicken parts and transforms them with ground coriander and ginger and turns roasted garlic cloves into an instant sauce with lemon juice, zest, EVOO and cilantro.

Plus, we have many solutions to the insipid skillet steak. Our recipe for Seared Strip Steak with Almond Rosemary Salsa Verde takes minutes to make but delivers big, bold flavors fast. Or, our Ginger-Soy Steak with Pear-Cucumber Salad marinates pieces of sirloin tips in soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil and garlic before they are quickly broiled and served with a throw-together pear-cucumber salad.

GET 2 COPIES FOR THE PRICE OF 1! (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=83a1d440da&e=3f6afa7fba)
Tired of Pasta with Butter and Cheese?

Italy is full of pasta sauces that are not only quick but also full of flavor and mostly unknown here in the States. Our simple Spaghetti al Limone has just a few ingredients, takes minutes to make, and is packed with flavor and just a hint of heat. Or, my favorite, Cacio e Pepe, pasta with cheese and pepper. This simplest of all pasta dishes is a tour de force when done properly, but the sauce easily clumps and turns stringy. We solved the problem by combining grated pecorino with water and cornstarch to make a stable, delicious sauce. Or, you might try Rigatoni with Ricotta-Sage Pesto. It transforms the notion of Pesto Genovese into a creamy, rich sauce.

Order two copies of “Tuesday Nights” for the cover price of one (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=a8d2bc822b&e=3f6afa7fba) , plus you will receive a free Milk Street Mexican Mocha Coffee Sugar with your purchase. This offer ends at midnight.

ORDER NOW AND GET A FREE MEXICAN MOCHA COFFEE SUGAR! (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=febc6eaade&e=3f6afa7fba)

ORDER NOW + GET A FREE COFFEE SUGAR (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=d080d1ae47&e=3f6afa7fba)
Ground Beef, Beyond Hamburger Helper
Our Cuban Picadillo transforms ground beef with tangy, sweet and salty flavors. It is made in minutes in a skillet—serve on its own or with rice. One of my favorites, Indian Spiced Beef and Peas, quickly cooks on the stovetop with spices, garlic, onion and tomatoes and finishes up with a topping of yogurt and cilantro. Or make Middle Eastern kofta, mint and pistachio-spiced meat patties, that you can throw together in a food processor and cook in a skillet.

Turn Ground Beef into a Saturday Night Dinner A few spices and simple technique transforms everyday ground beef in our Indian Spiced Beef and Peas.
Harness the Power of Spices

The easiest way to change the way you cook, to produce bold, fresh dishes quickly, is to learn how to use spices. From the basic combinations such as cumin and coriander, to new types of pepper (Aleppo and Urfa), to common but underutilized spices such as smoked paprika and turmeric, the home cook can add big flavors quickly. Learn when to use whole spices versus ground, how to use spice blends to quickly turn a chicken or steak into something special, and hot to infuse spice flavors into almost any dish.
Please place your order today while we still have inventory. This special 2-for-1 offer ends at midnight.

Christopher Kimball
Founder, Milk Street

P.S. Milk Street Tuesday Nights won the James Award for Best General Cookbook. Check out why this book is a winner and get two books for the cover price of one plus a free Mexican Mocha coffee sugar!
ORDER NOW + GET A FREE COFFEE SUGAR (https://177milkstreet.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=27d86f080b903d5a8913aa032&id=335a049821&e=3f6afa7fba)


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