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Happy Tuesday Estella!

Is shipping an obstacle for you?

Does the thought of losing money on shipping keep you from having
a thriving flipping business?

Or are you just overwhelmed at the thought of shipping anything
bigger than a mailer?

Well we are SO STOKED to announce our 5-Day Shipping 101 Bootcamp
) that kicks off NEXT THURSDAY!

We want to help you gain confidence to ship anything that will
fit in a box!

Shipping should NOT stop you from having a profitable flipping

In this LIVE Bootcamp we will cover:

* What shipping carriers you should use for your items.
* How to avoid losing money on shipping.
* How to package your item so you are covered if it's damaged.
* What to do if your item is damaged in shipping (so you don't
lose money!).
* How to package items that fit in a mailer to those that fit in
a large box.
* And MORE!

We kick things off Thursday May 13th, so don't miss it!

Check out Shipping 101 Bootcamp. (

Rob + Melissa

P.S. This bootcamp will not cover freight shipping, but it will
cover anything that fits in a box - and we have shipped some big
things in a box before!

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