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Are you pondering on what to create a course on ?

Sometimes it can be difficult on thinking what to teach, but it's not as hard as you think.. There is a saying that goes, if you know 1% more then someone you can teach and help them and you're entitled to add a price of value. If what you can teach can help somebody save time and money then you're providing a great service.

So, what should you teach ?

Well it depends on what industry you're in, or the information you know.. Do you have specific strategies for marketing, that can help people generate leads or sales, perhaps it's training on how to utlize social media.. Maybe you're in the Finance undustry and can provide training on money management, wealth creation...

Or, are you expert in every day tools, ? Photoshop, Camtasia, Analytic software, auto posters, autoresponders.. Course Creation ;) Or perhaps you're developer graphic designers nd can teach peopel how to put website together and create visually attractive images.

It doesn't want niche you're in or what you can teach we all have knowledge that can help others.. We are always searching for knowldge , information and how too. So why not put yourself out there.. You can potentially make money from the knowledge you have.. 

Till next time,

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