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A few weeks ago you came to CertifyMeOnline.Net so your aerial
lift operators could get certified online in about 1 hour.

I just wanted to check in and see if you still need any of your employees
to be certified.

Remember, our aerial lift certification program satisfies every employer's
wish list, including:

• 1-hour OSHA-approved online training and certification

• 100% pass rate

• No travel or off-site seminars required (certify 100% online from any
computer, tablet or smartphone)

• English and Spanish versions

• Low-cost per operator (save hundreds over other trainings)

• Instantly print proof of certification

• 100% money-back guarantee

• And much more!

Plus, we've been the leaders in online aerial lift certification for over a
decade. And we've been trusted by many fortune 500 companies as well as
many other small and large businesses.

Just click the link below to enroll your operators to be sure they're
operating safely and legally:

Enroll your aerial lift operators today here:


Got questions? Call our friendly support team at:


To your success,

Tom Wilkerson





1. https://secure.certifyme.net/c/KioV3hW0uTdeq4
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