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Thank you again for your initial interest in EquityNet. Unfortunately, we never received your self-accreditation and/or you did not schedule your confirmation call with the EquityNet Investor Relations team.

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Still Interested? If you are still interested and are an Accredited Investor (https://landing.equitynet.com/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yjYJHYW6lBT1R6zvyWdW5FVMTY7yGJfkW2-0t3W8hvf3sdBzP8N04 ) , you can still log into your account and complete your profile to continue the process.

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Next Steps: If you choose to restart the process, once your profile is completed and submitted, you will receive an email to confirm and set up a brief (~10 minute) conversation with our investor relations team. After that, you’ll be granted full access!

As a reminder, when completing your profile, you will need to confirm you are an accredited investor (Self-Accreditation). Current federally mandated requirements are here (https://landing.equitynet.com/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yjYJHYW6lBT1R6zvyWdW5FVMTY7yGJfkW2-0t3W8hvf3sdBzP8Q04 ) .

Unlike many other marketplace finance platforms, we only allow accredited investors to access the platform, ensuring a consistent experience for investors and companies.

That’s it! Please have a look around, browse our community, and visit our FAQ’s (https://landing.equitynet.com/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yjYJHYW6lBT1R6zvyWdW5FVMTY7yGJfkW2-0t3W8hvf3sdBzP8R04 ) for more information.


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How EquityNet’s Popularity Ranking Works (https://landing.equitynet.com/e2t/sc2/MmZ-8yjYJHYW6lBT1R6zvyWdW5FVMTY7yGJfkW2-0t3W8hvf3sdBzP8V04 )

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