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Ticket Number: 025116200148

Serial number: BMWP/101642210911

Attention: Lucky Winner, We are happy to announce that you are amount the lucky Star Prize Winners in Our month’s edition of the BMW International Online Award Promotion held On Saturday 5th January 2019 in England. This makes you a proud owner Amount Draft of (Ј500,000.00) Great British Pounds. To claim your prize Contact the BMW coordinators office with the under listed information’s as soon as possible:

1. Ticket and Serial Numbers

2. Name in full

3. Address

4. Nationality

5. Age

6. Occupation

7. Phone/Fax

8. Present Country

9. Sex

10. Marriage

11. Region

BMW Coordinator Official

Mrs. Patricia Spencer Email: patricia.spencer2019@gmail.com

Please you are to provide us with the above listed details and the options you choose from the above options we shall provide for you once your responses is receive by us as soon as possible to enable us begin with the processing prize winning. Congratulations again from all our staff and thank you for being part of our lucky promotional program.

Best of Luck.

Coordinator BMW Award Promotion.