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Congratulations Cleveland,

As more and more people continue to recognize the life-changing value of our amazing BREAKTHROUGH Valentus products, Kathylynn McAlister, who was placed below you in your Powerline, has just placed their product order.

Thanks to Kathylynn upgrading, you now have someone in YOUR direct organization who has become a PAID MEMBER. It also means that by locking in your position, YOU CAN EARN COMMISSIONS ON THEM AND EVERYTHING THEY DO...EVERY MONTH.

With the BEST products and opportunity in the industry, it's no wonder why Valentus is growing faster than any other company on the PLANET.

So we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get in and start making money.

To do that, we have provided you with two things:

1. A way to get started with less risk than almost any other company in the industry. While other companies are charging hundreds of dollars just to get started with a very small payout, you can get started in Valentus simply by ordering just one box of our life-changing product and earn a check NEXT WEEK....or take advantage of our value packs and get a head start in building your business.

2. With our awesome tools and training, you can make enough money to cover the cost of your product, AND even earn a few extra hundred or a few extra thousand dollars a month in residual income. As you are seeing now, we even prove that the system works before you have to spend a dime of your own money.

Now that we've proven it works, it's time to GET STARTED NOW

Click here to lock in your position now:

Remember: We process orders at Midnight every Thursday. Your order must be received before then or you will lose out on Kathylynn McAlister and any other person who has placed their order since last Thursday. Worse still, you will forfeit ALL current and future earnings on ALL of those individuals.

EXAMPLE: If today were Monday and you were a Pre-Enrollee who had one or more people below you have become a member, you would have until Midnight on Thursday to place your order to lock in your position. That will guarantee that anyone below you in your team who upgrades during the same, or a later, period will be permanently placed below you IN YOUR TEAM.

WATCH THIS FIVE MINUTE MOVIE FOR DETAILS: https://www.valentus.com/login?EMAIL=constancescullin3140@hidebox.org&LOGIN=1&page=powerlineFlash

To view all of the Pre-Enrollees and Members
below you, click on:


Put your email address (constancescullin3140@hidebox.org) in the top box, then click on Genealogy

Looking forward to your success,

-YOUR Valentus Support Team

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