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** Is Research Paper really needed for MS?
Research publication is one of the most important factors that an university looks for in-order to determine whether the candidate is a valuable asset to the university and whether the candidate is suitable for funding through RA opportunities in that specific University.

It is vital for all higher education aspirants looking for top universities to learn about this aspect.

But can a good GRE compensate having No Research paper?

Yes, that's exactly what we'll be discussing in our online guest seminar tomorrow with 324 scorer Rachen at 7 PM!

Join Rachen in the interactive live online seminar as we discuss:
* Can a good GRE compensate having No Research paper?
* How to master GRE 3000 words using just 1 app!
* Making time for your GRE prep as a student or office-goer!
* What NOT to assume on the GRE Quants section!
* When to take practice tests for the best results!
* The complete 2hr/day study plan for a 320+ score!

Only limited slots available. Register now to book your place.

Accept Invitation >> (https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/1867810068729926402?source=EMAIL5)

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