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Who doesn’t love either waffles or pancakes on the weekends? I love breakfast!

The downside with the “all American breakfast” is that most items include MASSIVE amounts of carbohydrates….and sugar.

**https://sable.godaddy.com/c/23223?id=2670714.18494.1.b754302009e3d43376e3bf6410701321 ( https://sable.godaddy.com/c/23223?id=2670714.18495.1.1cdc3cfaf250addd0d0849a1126216f9 )**

Here are 3 low carb pancake and waffle options that you can pair anytime with either Canadian bacon, eggs or heck even greasy real bacon on occasion!

You can also make these in advance to bring to work as snacks. Since they are quick, easy and protein packed, there really isn't a bad time to eat them!

**Quick & Easy Protein Waffles**

Click here for recipe! ( https://sable.godaddy.com/c/23223?id=2670714.18496.1.1e8751fcbfdc7bcab117e9d2425a8d10 )

**Protein Waffles with a chocolate Quest Bar**

Click here for recipe! ( https://sable.godaddy.com/c/23223?id=2670714.18497.1.89bb78d7640457c301b223a3ef2f0de2 )

**Healthy High Protein Pancakes!**

Click here for recipe! ( https://sable.godaddy.com/c/23223?id=2670714.18507.1.676d7236b477d27f0ade83d78c0a152b )

I hope you enjoy these 3 quick, easy and healthy breakfast options. These would be great choices to make this weekend with the family. The kids will love them and you'll stay on track, smart right!?

When topping your waffle or pancake make sure you don't just add all of the unhealthy sugar back in the form of pancake syrup. Instead opt for fruit, redi whip, cool whip, Carey's sugar free syrup, honey, Polaners sugar free jelly or even applesauce.

I promise you'll love them, just don't drown them in Aunt Jemimas goodness ;)

Committed to your fitness success,

Derek Kuryliw, your fitness Yoda.

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