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Attn Beneficiary,

This is to notify you that your fund USD $ 10.5 M has been programmed
in an ATM visa card for immediate delivery to you upon reconfirming
your physical destination address as all arrangements has been
finalized and to released to you as the legitimate beneficiary of the
fund, via global ATM visa card.

Your ATM visa card worth USD $ 10.5 M united state dollars was with a
delivery service here in Benin Republic, for we have waited enough to
hear from you so that your funds can be transferred through UBA Bank
here, but due to the late response we decided to credit the fund
through ATM card.

(1) Receivers name
(2) Your home address
(3) Your direct telephone
(4) Your passport or ID card

PIN number is (0516) take note, once you POS cash point around your
area and slot the card and enter the PIN number (0516) to activate and
start with there there.

Finally, be informed that we have left delivery company for urgent
delivery of your ATM visa card immediately you forward them the
required information, feel free to get in touch with them today.

Contact our agent Below for the delivery of your ATM card

Contact: Mr,Gill Tony
Email (abuhassa456@gmail.com)

Tex:+1(754) 240-195

Please don't allow this golden opportunity to pass you by.

Mr JOHN Mark
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Warning: the message above can be a phishing scam. See: legal notes