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Dear manager,
We are KingKar ECO. Technology Co. Ltd. from China, I
think our new machine may related to your business, here are some information
for your reference:

Machine own benefits:
A:360°comprehensive cleaning. Especially in Car
wash, including the car chair , carpet ,car air-conditioner, car engine
cleaning, without any harm to the car surface and the electricity system.

B: Low cost and high efficiency, our upgraded machine with double gun(dry
& water-air like), a flexible way for car washing, it saves your time and
energy a lot and support the perfect wash work within 20 minutes, only consuming
about 2L water& 2KW/h electricity to wash a car.

C: Friendly to the environment. No need of sewage, because the steam will
disappear when it comes to the ground.

D: Smart and mobile, with wheels and automatic design. Intelligent &
save, computer detection and control, easy to operate. Good quality, it can last
for 5~6years

We’ve got lots of feedback from our customers, and they showed their
satisfaction about our machine.

You know, in winter, the water is frozen, and the snow on the car is hard to
clean, our machine with high pressure steam can wipe them off easily.

Do you have any questions or worries about our machine? May I have your
connect way for further talk?

Here I offering my contact ways: