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I was talking with a friend of mine about all or nothing thinking
within nutrition and fitness and he had this to say.

"Something quite common for us, especially when starting a new
routine (i.e., 99% of people in January!).

We feel that if we don't complete a workout or habit 100% that
it's not worth doing. That we've failed.

Can't workout for an hour, might as well do nothing.

I ate some 'bad' at lunch, might as well eat this quadruple bacon
cheeseburger for dinner.

We can see how ridiculous and unrealistic these statements sound
BUT how many of us get caught up in this type of thinking?

Instead, learn to go with the flow. Progress, not perfection.
Can't do an hour workout? How about half an hour? Five minutes?
One minute? It's all better than nothing.

"But, there's no way that one minute of exercise is going to do

Is one minute of exercise going to immediately get us to our
goals? No, of course not. But it's going to get us one step
closer. It starts a habit. It's progress!!

So if you find yourself "knowing what I have to do, I just don't
do it.", then look to see if you're stuck in this All or Nothing

And then get out of it with the smallest possible step.


But sometimes getting out of the all or nothing mindset can be
tough. That's why I've created the "best friend method."

It's a simple 5-minute exercise you can do to practice a little
more self-compassion and get out of the ah-fuck it all or nothing

How To Use The Best Friend Method To Solve An All Or Nothing
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