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In the following video, you will learn specific information for picking a club or AAU program.

Just because a team wins a lot of games, past college athletes played for that club, or the club is very popular... that DOES NOT make it a good team for you!

This information is geared towards high school teams. However, it's also great for youth parents and coaches to watch as well. Not only is it a great idea to be equipped with the information ahead of time, the tips are helpful if you want to start becoming familiar with specific programs. If possible, you might test out some of the programs prior to high school and play for them at the youth level. This will help you narrow your choices when you reach high school.

How College Coaches Affect Your Selection of a Program
VITAL Tip Regarding Playing Position
The Type of Culture That You Need Your Program to Have
This Vital Mistake Can Hinder Development & What To Do Instead
A Critical Thing Programs Need to Do To Develop Your Child Outside of Practice & Games
Why Your Program Should Treat Travel Like a Business Trip and What to Look For (Hint: Prepares Them for College!)
How to Find & Contact the Best Programs
How to Avoid a Mistake That Will Leave You Without a Team

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- Joe Haefner 
Breakthrough Basketball


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