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Dear Weldon,

This is Dr. Cary Nelson, director of science and nutrition for Probiotic America. I wanted to remind you of a special offer still available to you for a limited time only.

Our development team recently produced a particularly powerful batch of probiotic bacterial strains for Perfect Biotics.

Two days ago, I offered 500 bottles of this super-potent batch to our email subscribers at a special low rate.

The response to this offer has been so strong and so fast...we now have only 194 bottles left.

So, for the next 24 hours ONLY — or while supplies last — these bottles are available to you for 40% off the regular price.

Click here for 40% off Perfect Biotics, plus free shipping… today only - probioticamerica.com/cmd.php?ad=747328

Every day, more and more satisfied Perfect Biotics users are contacting me to share their success stories.

Here's what people just like you are saying about the benefits they're experiencing — benefits you might not have even known about…

"After taking this supplement for over 5 weeks, I felt like my digestion function has been improved in a big way. Also, I've been having much more energy throughout the day without having to drink coffee or other energy drinks. Great product!"
— William S.

"I have been taking Perfect Biotics for one and a half months and I have noticed several improvements to my health. My bowels are more regular, my thinking is clearer, and I have more energy."
— Debora D.

"After a surgery, I had terrible stomach growling and bloating. After taking Perfect Biotics, my stomach is completely quiet and bloating gone. Also a skin rash has disappeared. Thank you for your product."
— David G.

"My husband and I ran out of the pills 2 weeks ago and find bloating and constipation has returned.... also, less energy…We appreciate your special discounts as well. We give this product a 10 out of 10!!!!!"
— Irene W.

I believe probiotics hold the key to the future of nutrition. Why?

Because we are our bacteria.

Your body is home to about 100 trillion bacteria. They actually outnumber the rest of your body's cells by TEN TO ONE.

Most of these bacteria live in your gut, where they benefit digestion, promote energy, and keep you healthy inside and out.

But consumption of heavy sugars, processed foods, and artificial sweeteners can disrupt the balance of "good" bacteria in your system.

Perfect Biotics is a safe and effective way to restore your body's "good" bacteria balance.

Plus, Perfect Biotics is an all-natural probiotic source. There's no added binders or fillers like the ones you'll find in the supplements lining the shelves at your local pharmacy.

This batch — like every batch of Perfect Biotics — is produced under the most exacting conditions. It's soy, gluten, and lactose-free…and tested at an independent third-party facility for potency, quality, and safety.

To support your positive digestive and immune health choice, we urge you to take advantage of this special offer.

For only 24 more hours, Perfect Biotics is available for 40% off, with free shipping on every order…

Order Perfect Biotics at 40% Off + Free Shipping Right Now - Click here: probioticamerica.com/cmd.php?ad=747328

At this reduced rate, these super-fresh bottles won't be here for long, so be sure to place your order now.

Thanks for letting us do our part to help you take care of yourself!

For your health,

Dr. Cary Nelson, M.D.
Director of Science & Nutrition
Probiotic America

P.S. I can't emphasize enough how quickly this batch of Perfect Biotics will be gone at this price. As of right now, we only have 194 bottles remaining.

I encourage you to act now to take advantage of this special opportunity...before it's all gone. Click HERE to get Perfect Biotics for 40% off now: probioticamerica.com/cmd.php?ad=747328

This offer will end in EXACTLY 24 hours.

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