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Women in Chemical Engineering 2017 Year in Review
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Women in Chemical Engineering

2018 Year-in-Review
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Progress and Growth in 2018 (#Progress)

WChE Cornerstone - Professional Development (#PD)

Community Building (#CB)

Outreach (#O)

By the Numbers (##)

WChE in the "Media" (#Media)

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WChE Website (https://facebook.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1d7b62ecef91256c8e77e69d1&id=1e533dd6a7&e=6872c11f9d)
“WChE is going places. I cannot be more proud to be part of such a great organization, working together with our awesome group of officers."
Redeed Duran
2018-2019 President
With a community stronger than ever, outreach efforts never to be ceased, and full professional development support, WChE has solidified it’s stronghold. With everything that WChE has done thus far, and the countless opportunities out there, we are sure the road can only be brighter ahead. We hope you enjoy our 2018 Year-In-review and we can’t wait to see what the 2019 year has in store for us!
Redeen Duran, 2018-2019 WChE President
Andrea Joseph, 2018 – 2019 WChE Vice President
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Progress and Growth in 2018

On this third year of establishment, WChE has been steadfast under the three pillars of our mission statement. We have taken strides in supporting each pillar and standing by them throughout the year.

We have seen growth in many of our Women in ChemE landmark events. First and foremost, our Fall Industry Panel event attracted more than 250 attendees, many of whom were prospective chemical engineers. With the introduction of the Direct to College program, it was important to us to be able to target undecided freshmen and sophomores as they make decisions about their majors. Under our community building pillar, we grew to 35+ runners in our spring 5K fundraiser, 30 regular attendees at our MOD Pizza all-ages happy hours, and 50 spooked students at a brand new WChE-AIChE Halloween Party. We've expanded our social media platforms beyond Facebook to WChE Instagram (https://facebook.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1d7b62ecef91256c8e77e69d1&id=844ebfc148&e=6872c11f9d). We also continued to be active with outreach events including Discovery Days, Expanding Your Horizons, and National Nanotechnology Day at the Pacific Science Center. Many of our members love participating in the MLK Day of Service with WChE—removing invasive blackberry plants is
good for the environment, and even better for inducing a good night’s sleep! Our officer team, volunteers, members, and alumni deserve a huge thank you for making all of these events a great success. We know that WChE plays a critical role in encouraging students with diverse backgrounds to pursue engineering, to join and stay in the department, to have an opportunity for meaningful engagement, and to enjoy their time while they are here.

In addition to the great events that WChE hosted or planned, we had so much fun working towards strengthening our community with all the student organizations in our department. Alongside our fellow organizations - ACES, AIChE and the Brew Club - we came together in celebrating our LGBTQ+ community during Pride Week; thanked and celebrated our veterans on Veteran’s Day; enjoyed a nice spooky evening with the department on Halloween; supported the students at end-of-quarter destressing with the dogs days; celebrated the success of our graduates at the Senior Send-Off and brought smiles to students of all ages at various outreach events. It has been an honor working with organizations so dedicated to the betterment of the department.

Not only has WChE been making its mark in the UW community, but with great care, we are gladly welcoming new chapters from different parts of the country. We helped Bev Miller establish the first WChE sister chapter at the University of Virginia, and some officers from both organizations met at the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting. This expansion lays the groundwork for building a cross-country network of ChemE departments who actively work towards diversity-related goals.

“WChE has been an incredibly special organization to me since I first visited UW. As a prospective student on recruitment weekend, I was a little overwhelmed by the new city and new faces, but it seemed liked I should probably go to the “Women’s Networking Session.” This was immediately proven to be a good idea: Elizabeth was passing a big box of Fran’s Chocolates around the room. For the next hour, I wasn’t “Andrea, Bio research,” but instead I was invited into a deep discussion on gender, diversity, and inclusion at UW and UW ChemE. It was so impactful to be in that conversation and around other people who treated these issues seriously; it said a lot about what the department values. I am happy to report that in 2018, our Women’s Networking Session was so full, people were sitting on the tables at the side of the room!”
Andrea Joseph
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WChE Cornerstone - Professional Development

Bri Stokes, 2018 - 2019 Professional Development Director, Industry Panel Chair

The first pillar of our mission statement is to provide an extensive array of learning experiences to students to become effective professionals. We motivate our members to develop skills that may not be taught in the classroom, such as self-promotion, career planning, and financial budgeting. Not only do we share relevant resources available at the UW and within the engineering department, but we also integrate professional development activities into many of our general meetings. This past fall, WChE hosted a mock “interview” session that allowed students to perfect their elevator pitch with a faculty member and receive feedback just in time for on-campus career events and interviews. We also welcomed Shannel Amaraweera, a Career Coach from the College of Engineering at UW, who led a networking presentation and shared helpful tips for connecting to people in the industry.
Most notably, in November we held our 3^rd Annual Industry Panel, an event that promotes meaningful networking between students and professionals while exposing them to the myriad of professional opportunities available to them beyond school. With 250 attendees, $8500 raised, and 16 panelists, including two distinguished keynote speakers, this past year’s event was the largest of its kind and we are honored to contribute to future success of our members.

This year, our Annual Fall Industry Panel was an absolute success (watch a video here! (https://facebook.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1d7b62ecef91256c8e77e69d1&id=7f0a58d291&e=6872c11f9d) created by Department IT Manager Jesse Chiem) and brought in over 225 attendees! At the start of 2017, the planning committee began our search, ultimately selecting 16 leaders in various chemical engineering industries across the nation. In the months to follow, we worked hard to arrange travel plans, procure sponsorship, and spread the word to both UW students and the greater Seattle community. Having the opportunity to be a part of an event of this caliber, as well as hearing the positive feedback from both attendees and speakers, was well worth every second of preparation. Thanks to the overwhelming support of volunteers, sponsors, and numerous department members, WChE was able to host one very insightful and memorable evening. I am excited to see what next year will bring!

"It was really inspiring to see so many motivated students! It makes me so happy to see that the representation is increasing and it’s done so in such a positive and inclusive way. Looking forward to the pipeline of STEM representation phasing in diversity to the workplace.”
Bri Stokes
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WChE Cornerstone - Community Building

Julia King, 2018-2019 Community Director

Providing a safe and empowering community within our chemical engineering department comprising of all students is what we are here to do. Throughout the year, we have hosted many different events and activities—BBQ’s, happy hours, holiday parties, lobby get-togethers—to help foster the WChE community.

Our biggest community building event each year is our signature Senior Send-Off where graduating seniors have a chance to say goodbye to the department and give advice to continuing undergraduate students. This event brings the entire organization (undergrads, grads, and professors) together over food to celebrate the success of our department in graduating another year of chemical engineers and sending them out into the work force while providing a conducive atmosphere for continuing in building the community that our organization strives to construct.

Perhaps one of the most well-attended and energetic events we hosted was the Halloween party—joint with AIChE. Between faculty, undergraduate students, and graduate students, 59 people showed up to celebrate the holiday. We played competitive group games to aid in building our community as well as some individual games. The spider web maze went over very well. Even though it was an individual’s effort to complete the maze, many other students gathered around to cheer and provide bits of guidance for the person trying to get through the web which has real analogies to the real world. Overall the party was a great community building event all while also sharing food, which has brought people together since the beginning of time.

It has been a complete pleasure organizing the events and activities that strive to build a strong WChE community. We have many events planned for the future months and we look forward to assisting in creating the atmosphere that helps make our department so special. Stay tuned to our events page (https://facebook.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=1d7b62ecef91256c8e77e69d1&id=5ec2190b40&e=6872c11f9d) on our website for more details on upcoming activities!

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WChE Cornerstone - Outreach

Deana Crouser, 2018-2019 Outreach Director

The Outreach pillar is a crucial piece to shaping the diversity in the science of tomorrow. It’s imperative for our youth to see a diverse group of women in engineering, as well as men who support women in engineering, actively participate and engage in the community and in science. My primary goal as the 2018-2019 Outreach Director was to increase the number of WChE members who actively volunteer in outreach events, broadening the impact we can make on our community.

National Nano Day at the Pacific Science Center and the UW’s Engineering Discovery Days were the largest events we participated in this year, giving us the opportunity to interact over ten thousand STEM enthusiasts alone. WChE was proud to host ‘Introduce a Girl to: Bioengineering’ on campus, a series in its 3^rd year now, created by our previous outreach director. We had an estimated 320 students and parents in attendance, with large support from the girl scout community. We also hosted science demonstrations over the year at Elementary, Middle and High School STEM Nights, filling a total of 20 volunteer spots. Our most popular demos were: A Cloud in a Bottle, The Power of Polymers, and Making Rainbow Bookmarks using Thin Films. We have sparked interest in a wide variety of science concepts and topics like atmospheric sciences, non-Newtonian fluids, wave spectrums, chemical reactions and large-scale mass transfers.

In the future, WChE’s outreach pillar has big plans for collaboration with other registered student organizations. ACES and AIChE have joined us in the MLK Day of Service: Magnuson Forest Restoration Project. As part of the WiSE Collective, WChE is heading the outreach committee for the second WiSE: Pre-Collegiate Summit, to be hosted here at the University of Washington. The Pre-Collegiate Summit is an event geared towards underrepresented 9^th-11^th grade girls interested in learning more about careers in STEM. We intend on providing science demonstrations from participating engineering departments, lab tours, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

“It has been an amazing experience interacting with and sparking interest in science and engineering. Nothing compares to the smile on someone’s face when they are taken away by physics or recognize a scientist that looks just like them."
Deana Crouser
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WChE - By the Numbers

Kari Severeid, 2018-2019 WChE Secretary
Rick Liao, 2018-2019 WChE Treasurer

One year ago, WChE had about 300 subscribers on our mailing list. Since then, WChE’s reach has expanded to 340 subscribers, with about 65 subscribers that are alumni. With an average open rate of about 49%, over 165 people are being reached each week, and many of them come to general meetings and participate in events that WChE runs or helps sponsor.
“When I ran for secretary, I had no idea that WChE was able to reach so many people, and I have been amazed at the opportunities I have had as an officer. Through the different events and activities, I have met inspirational people, given back to my community, and shared my love of ChemE to grade school and high school students. WChE is unique because it doesn’t focus on one thing; the goal is to have community and outreach and professional development. It has been a privilege to be secretary to an organization with a strong mission that will keep growing over time."
Kari Severeid

Thanks to the hard work of the Professional Development Officer, Professor Nance, and the industry panel committee, we have fundraised enough money this year to offset our expenses for the year. In addition, WChE Treasurer Rick Liao has led the efforts in creating WChE merchandise. He has WChE shirts ($15) of all sizes, and select sizes of hoodies ($35) available for those interested in supporting our organization!

"It has been my pleasure serving as the 2018-2019 WChE Treasurer. My primary goal was to establish more structure in the Treasurer position for more organized and efficient processes. Since joining the WChE officer team, we have consolidated our funds from three budget/bank accounts to one US Bank account. This has enabled me to streamline the reimbursement process, allowing immediate reimbursement rather than requiring at least two weeks through other means. I have also established an updated transaction log available for viewing for all WChE officers. My hope for the next Treasurer is to increase grant applications and provide continued support to the Professional Development Director, Outreach Director, and Community Director to support their ongoing efforts in the organization."

Rick Liao
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WChE in the "Media" - Bolstering our Social Media Presence

Andrey Antonchik, 2018-2019 WChE Media Director

During the last year, WChE Media Director Andrey Antonchik has made several changes to our WChE website in order to better serve the current & future needs of the organization. He reformmated our website to include page structure so that future events can be advertised more prominently on the front page, while archiving previous events in a more logical manner. He also spent time activating widgets that, for example, connect the Google calendar with our posted events. The suggestion page was also placed in a much more prominent place on the site.

On the social media side of things, we created an Instagram account (@wcheuw). Now we can share our events in real time with our members and followers! Much more content will be posted this way over the upcoming years, so please be sure to check us out. We connected our Facebook page with Instagram, which allows us to reach a wider range of audience members. This allowed us to schedule events on Facebook and then follow up to these schedule events with photos quite easily. While overall this is a small step to building up how WChE interacts with our followers on a much more interpersonal level, the importance of this cannot be understated. 31% of women in the USA use Instagram and this is the easiest method to reaching a large number of them and displaying the work of women in ChemE. Work will need to be put in from the side of the officers to be consistent, interesting, and sincere when posting content on our Instagram.

"Since September I had the honor of being WChE’s media director. In addition to increasing our reach through website and social media improvements, I’ve also had the opportunity to go to a high school outreach event with several other officers. This event stuck out to me in particular because of how many young people I was able to talk to about WChE, as well as just general chemical engineering. The awesome part was that it felt like every conversation I had was important, because it seemed to get a kid excited to do chemical engineering. I’d like to thank everyone at WChE for giving me this shot at working with some of the most extraordinary people I have ever met."
Andrey Antonchik
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WChE Contact

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For members, join our Facebook group and stay tuned to our event calendar.

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Are you interested in supporting our organization? Please consider making a donation to support ongoing WChE efforts. Our organization is tax exempt. If you have questions, contact WChE Founder and Faculty Advisor, Elizabeth Nance at eanance@uw.edu (mailto:eanance@uw.edu) .

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