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Bailey again, who has reached out 2 months ago.We all know this is tough year due to COVID 19 .Tough year, hustle more ,that’s why I contact you again and check whether youneed any help for clothes..Last time I mentioned we can produce any custom clothes for your brand or your worker’s uniforms .We’re at a 100 people scale , seems not that powerful but much more flexible,which means we can deliver the sample in a shorter(4-8 days) and accept the low-quantity trial order (100 sets per design )If you’re not responsible , would you please tell me who should I talk to ? I’d be grateful if you point me in the right direction.Have a nice day and hope you and your family stay healthy and safe ,We’re gonna win against the virus very soon .Best Wishes

Warning: the message above can be a phishing scam. See: legal notes