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Liberal Party of Canada


I'm about to head into an all-important budget meeting for this summer, but I wanted to check in with you beforehand.

First, I have some good news for you: We have ambitious plans this summer and are working hard to get our movement election-ready for 2019 so we can continue to deliver on the real progress that you voted for in 2015.

Plans like a Canada-wide Summer of Action, where we're bringing our teams together in communities across the country to learn, hear from more Canadians, and prepare for the next campaign.

Plans like running - and winning - more by-election campaigns. An important race is already underway in the Quebec riding of Chicoutimi--Le Fjord, and we know that there are more to come in the months ahead - including with former NDP leader Tom Mulcair saying he will be resigning his seat in Outremont.

But unfortunately, I also have some bad news. Heading into summer, we are short of where we need to be. To help us stay on track, we need to raise $30,000 by end of day tomorrow to meet our goal for the end of May. Because if we don't make our goal together we won't be fully able to execute our plans, and we could fall behind Andrew Scheer and his Conservative fundraising machine.

That's why I'm asking you now - will you make a special end of month donation, and help make sure that our Summer of Action and upcoming by-election campaigns are a success? Remember, in close races every dollar makes a difference.


Thank you for supporting our movement, and helping to build an even better Canada - for all of us.

Christina Topp

Senior Director, Fundraising
Liberal Party of Canada


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