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Hi Monte,

Next week I’ll be gathering with 14 women at the beautiful Amee
Farm Lodge for my Writer’s Retreat: Vermont. I absolutely love
this time of preparation and sifting through all of the learnings
I’ve had this year to discover how I want to share them with my
As I was re-reading all of the applications that the women
submitted, it made me think of how not going deeper with our
writing and our commitment to sharing our work also shows up in
our voice.
And then I thought about “Sarah”.
Meet Sarah
Sarah is a business coach who for years used to come to my
in-person writing retreats to “get sh*t done”. She writes a lot
for her business and boldly shares her work freely; however, no
matter how much she wrote and shared, it never got the attention
her efforts deserved.
I felt the disconnect right away when I read her work.
Sarah is quick-witted, dresses colorfully, and is an art history
buff and Francophil. But when I read her writing, little of that
was coming through. She sounded like she was copying the voice of
other business coaches, using particular buzzwords and writing
about the same topics. It made me blush for her.
When I asked her about it, she said she struggled to find a way
to write to all of her clients - some individuals and some
corporate - in a way that didn’t alienate either group. Meaning,
she was too concerned with trying to please everybody. And scared
about what would happen if she didn’t.
Of course, it can be super useful to have a reader in mind when
you write… But only if you truly want to connect with that reader
- not think you should.
Does having that reader in mind help you write sincerely? Great.
If not, write for yourself first and then bring your reader to
mind. And notice the use of a singular reader. Having a whole
bunch of people in the room with you can make it far too loud to
hear yourself!
The Intersection of the Self and the Reader
One of the ways you develop your writing voice is by navigating
between reader and self. Between wanting to connect with, move,
and immerse your reader in an experience and sincerely,
accurately, and audaciously expressing your ideas and stories.
You move back and forth between the two, listening closely to
Trying to please everybody or really, trying to please anybody,
will take you far far away from what makes your words come alive.
And adopting the formula du jour for your writing is to do a
grave disservice to the magic only you can bring to the world.
But just like I’m teaching the women at my in-person retreat next
week, in order to claim your voice, you’ve gotta dig deep. You
can’t stay on the surface of your heart and mind. You need
intention, ways to calm your brain, and compassionate grit.
If you’re like Sarah and you feel like you’re putting a whole lot
out there and it’s all falling on deaf ears...
Or you want to be putting a whole lot out there but you aren’t
because it feels too scary or overwhelming...
Or you’re stretching to write something new and discover your
voice anew…
Then my newly updated course, Find Your Voice & Tell Your Stories
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Hundreds of students have gone through this course already and
have found the strength and clarity and joy that comes from
finding, owning and sharing their voice through their writing.
And Sarah?
Today Sarah’s writing is so much more distinct and when I read
it, the person I know comes through on the page.
And not only does she say how much easier it is to write now, but
her business has morphed to be both a better fit (turns out
writing to everybody equals trying to serve everybody rather than
serve the people you really want to and can serve) and much more
joyful and even profitable.
On Your Own Time & At Your Own Pace
The great thing about this course is that you can do it on your
own time. Make it a weekend retreat, work through one lesson a
week, or use it in any other creative way that works for you.
It’s flexible enough to fit your life and it’s also designed to
keep you engaged so you actually finish a story. Or many! Lots of
students have returned to use the process again and again,
creating more pieces and finishing them. You can do the same.
Come on over and get all of the details about Find Your Voice &
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at-home (or at anywhere) self-guided writing retreat today. I
love what I’ve created and I hope it can serve you too.
P.S. Get the course by October 17th and you’ll also get five
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