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Rooibos is a herbal tea derived from a South African plant.

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** First Flush Darjeeling

First flush Darjeeling tea is grown in Darjeeling in West Bengal. Although it is mostly sold as a black tea, Darjeeling green teas, white teas and even oolongs are being more widely produced as of late. Darjeeling teas as a whole only makes up about 1% of all of India's tea output, and the demand heavily outweighs the production. It's actually sometimes nicknamed the champagne of teas!

The planting of tea in the Darjeeling area didn't begin until 1841, when Archibald Campbell was transferred as a superintendent in Nepal to Darjeeling, bringing with him the seeds of a Chinese tea plant and later experimenting with growing them in Darjeeling.
There is a growing issue in the tea industry, with tonnes of counterfeit Darjeeling tea being sold each year, with around 40,000 tonnes being sold yearly, whilst the actual production of Darjeeling tea is four times less, reaching only 10,000 tonnes – that's 30,000 tonnes of counterfeit Darjeeling sold each year. As an attempt to prevent this, the Tea Board of India issues a certification mark/logo to real manufacturers, therefore giving a mark to show that the tea is, in fact, genuine Darjeeling tea.
This month you can find us in Gravesend Borough Market (everyday apart from Mondays) and The Collective Market at Dover Terminals (on the 16th June, 21st July, 4th Aug, 22nd Sept and 20th Oct)
Tea of the month

This month to celebrate the history of our tea we have chosen our Darjeeling tea.
This month receive 10% off our First Flush Darjeeling Tea Using Discount code Champagne

Tea Fact of the month

In a recent study, 80% of staff claim they find out more about what's going on at work over a cup of tea than in any other way. And we agree! Tea is always a sure fire winner.

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