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Great Homeschool Conventions 2018 events
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Great Homeschool Conventions
Texas Homeschool Convention

Dr. Kathy Koch
Dr. Kathy Koch

Andrew Pudewa <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772547/101238360>
Andrew Pudewa

John Stonestreet
John Stonestreet

Dr. Jay Wile <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772545/101238360>
Dr. Jay Wile

Dr. Christopher Perrin
Dr. Christopher Perrin

Sarah Mackenzie
Sarah Mackenzie

What is Great

about Great Homeschool Conventions?

The 2018 Great Homeschool Conventions
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772542/101238360> season is
right around the corner!

We are excited to be returning to Fort Worth, TX on March 15–17, 2018!

We couldn’t do it without our sponsors! Thank you World News Group and
Save the Storks!

World News Group

Save the Storks

Why Should I Attend?

This coming year’s convention promises to please all that attend. This
past summer, families traveled from all over Texas and the surrounding
states. We encourage you to make plans to bring your families. We even
have some moms gather friends and make it a fun, getaway weekend.

We are here to help!

Our goal is to encourage, equip, and educate families in all seasons of
their homeschooling journey.

Amazing Speakers

Great Homeschool Conventions structures a fantastic speaker roster
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772539/101238360> . Many
speakers come from years of personal homeschooling experience. They
attend the conventions because they are passionate about helping
up-and-coming or seasoned homeschooling parents achieve a successful
homeschooling experience. They believe in the homeschooling concept and
have committed their lives to keeping the movement strong and on solid
ground well into the future. We choose only the best speakers and you
will be inspired as you listen to their positive messages.

See All Speakers→

Hundreds of Workshops

Dozens of speakers covering more than 230 speaking sessions
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772534/101238360> are offered
for this event! We are still accepting speaking proposals. A full
schedule will be posted with descriptions of the sessions closer to
convention time. The variety of topics covered will be incredible, from
how to homeschool different ages at the same time to how to homeschool
a gifted or special needs child. Don’t know how to teach math and get
concepts across to your teen? Covered—and by math experts! How do I
prompt my child to write? Lots of writing tips will be covered. Reading
is so very important. What happens if you have a struggling reader?
What can you do to help them? Proven techniques to work effectively
with a child who struggles with reading will be covered. Science isn’t
easy for some! We have experts who address teaching children science
that will capture their attention and hold their interest.

See Workshops→

Special Tracks

Focused tracks
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772530/101238360> led by true
experts in their fields will address homeschooling trouble spots.
Homeschooling isn’t easy. Parenting can be harder. Behavioral issues in
the home, strong-willed children, and disrespect for parental guidance
can make homeschooling a terrible experience for both parents and
children to the point of giving up. Great encouragement and parenting
tips can be found by attending our Parenting Track.

Special needs topics are addressed in our Special Needs/Gifted track
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772527/101238360> . How do you
teach a child effectively with ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s, or Dyslexia? Find
answers by attending this awesome track which will leave you uplifted
and with a new appreciation for your child’s challenge.

New to homeschooling or curious about homeschooling? Our Homeschooling
101 track <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772524/101238360>
will show you how to start and how to choose curriculum. Transcript
preparation won’t be a mystery any longer.

Don’t know which style of homeschooling is right for you? Explore
classical education in our Classical track
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772522/101238360> . In addition
to several classical sessions, you can attend a panel session by top
Classical educators who have dedicated time to just answering questions
on what Classical education is all about.

Who is Charlotte Mason? What is the Charlotte Mason method? Find out by
attending the Charlotte Mason track
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772520/101238360> .

Huge Exhibit Hall

Shopping our huge exhibit hall
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772518/101238360> gives you
the opportunity to seek and find curriculum that best fits your
children’s learning styles. Meet many of the authors of popular
curricula and engage in conversation to find out how their curriculum
can help you reach your child’s full potential.

Get a hands-on look at all your homeschooling resources. LOTS of
exhibitors have already signed up!

See Exhibitors→

Special Events

Hear compelling speakers tell of their incredible stories by attending
a GHC special event! Gianna Jessen
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772513/101238360> and Matt
Walsh <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772511/101238360> will
speak from their hearts and give presentations you won’t soon forget.
And, a family-friendly concert by Randall Goodgame of Slugs and Bugs
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772510/101238360> awaits you
and your family for an evening of faith and fun! Kids don’t want to
attend with you? Check out this Kids Event Hosted by Giant Cow
Ministries <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772509/101238360> !

Gianna Jessen <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772508/101238360>

Gianna Jessen LIVE

Aborted, Survived, Adopted, Homeschooled

Randall Goodgame with Slugs & Bugs

Slugs & Bugs LIVE in Concert

Faith. Family. Funny.

Matt Walsh <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772506/101238360>

Matt Walsh LIVE

Writer, Speaker, Homeschooling Advocate

Giant Cow Kids Ministries

Giant Cow

Kids’ Event

The Rabbit Room

The fun doesn’t end there! Get acquainted with The Rabbit Room. (Sound
interesting? It is!)

Andrew Peterson

Andrew Peterson

Douglas McKelvey

Douglas McKelvey

Randall Goodgame

Randall Goodgame

Pete Peterson <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772498/101238360>
Pete Peterson <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772497/101238360>

Jonathan Rogers

Jonathan Rogers

Jennifer Trafton

Jennifer Trafton

Why do children need books? How do the stories they read help to shape
and define them?

We are excited to bring you this special panel workshop featuring
members of The Rabbit Room!

In this panel discussion at each of the 2018 Great Homeschool
Convention events, children’s authors Andrew Peterson, Douglas
McKelvey, Randall Goodgame, A.S. “Pete” Peterson, Jonathan Rogers, and
Jennifer Trafton discuss the vital importance that stories play in the
development of a child’s imagination (not all speakers will be at every

If that is not enough…attend a book release special session with Sarah
Mackenzie and S. D. Smith.

Sarah Mackenzie and S.D.
Sarah Mackenzie
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772486/101238360> and S.D.
Smith <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772484/101238360> are
teaming up for a fun, celebratory event to release their new books.
This session will be held at 5:00 PM on Thursday evening.

Sarah will be hosting the Read-Aloud Revival LIVE for a special event
featuring S.D. Smith as his new book, Ember Rising, the
highly-anticipated third installment in his best-selling Green Ember
series, releases.

Sarah will also be releasing her own brand-new book, The Read-Aloud
Family. In this new book, she champions the lifelong benefits of
reading aloud to children and offers book lists, strategies, and tools
parents can use to form deep and lasting connections with their kids.

Both Ember Rising: The Green Ember Book III and The Read-Aloud Family
will be available to purchase and to be signed at these special events.


<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772482/101238360> for your
family to enjoy now when you register are available.

We have National Center for Life and Liberty
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772480/101238360> and Slugs
and Bugs <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772478/101238360> to
thank for freebies.

FREE Lemonade! Each convention will have free lemonade offered by
K12.com – Homeschool division
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772476/101238360> .

k12 <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772457/101238360>

Affordable Prices

Homeschooling families on a budget are always kept in mind! Register
now <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772474/101238360> for the
best prices with our early bird discounts.

Hotel Discounts
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772472/101238360> – Booking
with host hotels offering great rates for our attendees saves money!

Volunteer <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772469/101238360> !
Can’t afford a registration or just enjoy helping out? Volunteer
<https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772469/101238360> to get FREE
family tickets!

Register Now!→

There you have it—great reasons to attend a Great Homeschool
Conventions event!

Thanks to our sponsors:

World News Group

Save the Storks

K12 <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772457/101238360>

Homeschooling Today

Focus on the Family

Culpepper Law <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772452/101238360>

Abeka <https://api.secondstreetapp.com/m_c_t/3772451/101238360>

Bridgeway Academy

Operation Christmas Child


Classical Conversations


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