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Liberal Party of Canada


What happens next is critical.

Soon, we'll be one step closer to E-Day, and getting off on the right foot is so important.

This movement was built on the strength of millions of conversations we've had with Canadians dating back many years, and we're building on that engagement every single day. That's why Team Trudeau will be hard at work all across Canada with Summer of Action door-knocking campaigns in the months ahead - to hear what you, your friends, and your neighbours have to say!

Listening to Canadians is what got this movement to where it is today.

It's by listening to you that we built -- and are working hard to deliver on -- a plan for real change. A plan that strengthens our middle class, offers more money to 9/10 families to help with the costs of raising kids, allows seniors to count on being able to retire with dignity, and promotes the equality and economic success of women and girls in Canada and around the world.

This month, it's up to you to help us reach our ambitious June goal so we can continue to move Canada forward, and to give Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team all the support necessary to keep doing the hard work of connecting with Canadians both before and during the campaign.

1,487 Canadians have already contributed online this month, and I'm asking you to join them now. Chip in and support Team Trudeau and help ensure the Liberal team is on track for 2019.


Thanks for all you do,

Braeden Caley
Senior Director, Communications
Liberal Party of Canada


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